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In which i’m like Pooh

lamp post

Last week, when all that bad weather was going on all over the United States, I was hanging out at home.  Kevin got in around 7:30 PM and we had the following conversation:


Kevin:             what happened to the lamppost?


Me:                  what lamppost?


Kevin:             the only lamppost that we have Lynn


Me:                  nothing happened


Kevin:             then why has it fallen over?


Me:                  It’s fallen over?


Kevin:             yes it has


Me:                  when did that happen?


Kevin:             that’s what I was asking you


Me:                  well obviously I don’t know.  Are you sure it fell over?


Kevin:             of course I’m sure. I drove in and it’s fallen down


Me:                  well I wasn’t aware of that.


Kevin:             have you been outside


Me:                  when I was outside with Tucker it was up


Kevin:             are you sure?


Me:                  ummmm… no


Kevin:             It must have fallen in the wind


Me:                  well, it was incredibly windy today.  This is sort of like Pooh and the Blustery Day


Kevin:             how so?


Me:                  well when the tree falls down Owl looks at Pooh and says, “Pooh, did you do that?” and then Pooh, being all Pooh-like and all says, “I don’t think so.”


Kevin:             and how is it like that?


Me:                  well neither Pooh nor I were exactly sure how these things fell down and I’m pretty certain it wasn’t my fault and I know for a fact it wasn’t Pooh’s fault because I’ve seen The Blustery Day a billion times and it was definitely the wind


Kevin:             I think the point is that you need to get it taken care of


Me:                  oh? That’s the point?


So there you are, Pooh and I are always getting blamed for shit but unlike Pooh, I now have to get the damn thing fixed.

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  1. Megly Mc
    December 28, 2013

    Better than being Eyeore. Ohhhhh, bother. :)

  2. Jackie
    December 30, 2013

    Hehehehe hilarious! Keep on being Pooh!

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