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In which i’m not as flawless as usual

While I was on my extended trip to California, Keely was finishing up her 11-week internship in Washington, DC.  Since I wasn’t available to drive up there and pick her up, the plan was for Kevin and Daniel to make the 5 hour drive up there on Thursday.


While Keely was finishing up her last day Friday, Kevin and Daniel were going to go tour Georgetown as Daniel will be a senior in High School this year.  Georgetown asks that you sign up for tours and information sessions in advance so I signed them up for Friday morning.  That way they had all day to check out the city and would move Keely out Saturday morning and head home.  Sounds like a good plan doesn’t it?


So imagine my surprise when on Friday morning at 6:54 MY TIME I received the following text from Kevin MacDonald:


Aug 5, 2011 6:54 AM


Thanks once again for your fine advance planning.  You booked the Georgetown session for the wrong day.

You’re kidding me?

Are u sure?

No. Quite sure. But they are accommodating us.

Ummmm.  That doesn’t sound like me :(

No.  It certainly doesn’t.  Daniel feels it must be Georgetown’s screw up … I mean considering your flawless record.

That sounded suspiciously like sarcasm to me. 

I picked the wrong day to quit being a travel agent.


But alas, i received no answer as they were in the session.  But still, what do these people want from me.  Why put me in charge and then be surprised with the results?  Doesn’t the expression garbage in-garbage out mean anything to these people?  For a further explanation, see this post!


I’m just saying…

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  1. By Word of Mouth Musings
    August 12, 2011

    LOVE that i was with you when this transpired, because from where i stood – it was hilarious ;)

    • Lynn
      August 12, 2011

      hahaha…Kevin and i were discussing last night about how him and Daniel just looked at each other like “Oh no, she did it again”

  2. Julie
    August 13, 2011

    Just came across your blog from who knows what site. My memory is shot, but you did make me laugh out loud with you “shot in the foot” comments at Blogher. I think we could be friends.

    Your blog is great and the design is awesome.

    • Lynn
      August 13, 2011

      not to worry. Even i don’t know how i came across my blog. welcome aboard. and thanks for the compliement

  3. RCB
    August 13, 2011

    Well, maybe you should have given Kevin the benifit of the doubt – maybe he meant it when he said you have a flawless record. I mean, you know you do… so why shouldn’t he…


    P.S. Did you hear about Sesame Street’s official announcement that Ernie and Bert are not gay? It was in the news… can you believe that shit?

    • Lynn
      August 13, 2011

      Kevin and i actually had a very funny conversation about it afterwards…it’s all good

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