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In which i’m on hold


Unbelievable. My Vitamix is broken. Actually as far as I know only one setting is broken but it’s the ONLY SETTING THAT I USE!


Anyways, of course I need to call into Customer service so this morning I dialed the 800 number and I was told that I had a 26-minute wait so I figured that I would just call back later.


So now it’s later and I just called and the computer voice told me that there were 35 customers in front of me. Now I don’t know how many customer service reps they have but I’m guessing that the wait is even longer then this morning.


However, I put the phone on speaker and I decided to write a post so for you guys it’s a win, amiright???


I basically only use the Vitamix to make my Isagenix shake each morning but it’s imperative that it’s cold. Vitamix has this cool cold setting and I’ve been using it each and every day.


But the other day my shake was warm. The next day it worked again but today it was warm again. UHOH! That sucks because what’s the point of adding ice if it’s still warm.


At any rate, I would imagine I’ll have to send it in and have it repaired so I suppose that I’ll die for a week without my shakes.


Hey! The computer voice just told me that now there are only 25 callers in front of me. Guess I’m making progress although it seems like I’ll still have quite a long wait.


What else is new I bet you’re thinking. Well, Daniel is on his last week of a summer job and then he will be home for two weeks before he starts his senior year. It’s crazy how fast this summer went by.


Andie is on her second week of nights in Pediatrics and then she only has two weeks of Peds left and she’s finished her second year in Med School. I’m a bit in disbelief how fast it’s all going.


OK! WHAT THE FUCK! The computer voice just told me that there are 25 callers in front of me which means this line is slow as shit. Ugh… It’s not like I have that much to say.


I’ve been painting a lot but I don’t really like what’s turning out. No worries because I’ll just paint over them but it’s weird how sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not.


I’m going up to NYC in a few weeks for a wedding and the reception is at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I’ve never been there so that’ll be nice. Kevin and I are also finally going to see the 9/11 Museum. Did you know that we got engaged at the World Trade Center? We did … a long time ago.


22 people now. Jeez!


After NYC Andie is meeting me and we are going up to Maine for some chill time with my cousins and my Aunt and Uncle. Hope the weather is nice.


So that’s it for me. Ugh … Candy Crush time!


PS I was on hold for 45 minutes!

PPS their hold music is simply awful!!!

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  1. Ro
    August 5, 2015

    They have awful music because they want you to hang up. Good luck with that.

    • Lynn
      August 5, 2015

      Did it! Got a shipping label. Good to go

  2. dasein1216
    August 5, 2015

    You weren’t on “hold”, you were on “ignore”.

  3. Sally
    August 5, 2015

    Glad you finally got through! Ugh…I hate it when things don’t work. Have fun in NYC.. Never been……so sad!

  4. Heather Keet
    August 6, 2015

    I hate sitting on hold. Sometimes I play games where I try to figure out what the name of the person is that I’m going to get on the line. Then, when the person answers I say the name and see what they do. They usually get all flustered and try to figure out if I’m calling their company or if I just sat on hold for 30 minutes because I thought my friend Mary had a huge backlog of friends.

    • Name *
      August 20, 2015

      OMG, that is the best thing ever.

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