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In which i’m puzzled … or not

I’m so ticked off and I just want to rant here for a minute.  Can I do that??? Of course I can, after all it’s my personal blog.  So here’s the thing.  Over the last few years I’ve noticed that stores are getting rid of brands that they’ve had on the shelves for YEARS and replacing them with either their own personal “generic” brand or with some other brand of their choosing.


It began at Harris Teeter. I would go to buy some cereal or cottage cheese and they wouldn’t be carrying it anymore.  For example, I always ate Light and Lively Cottage Cheese and one day they no longer had it.  I went and asked customer service and I was informed that Harris Teeter would no longer carry it but that I could “special order” it.  I did for a while and apparently some other people weren’t happy either and eventually Light and Lively reappeared and some Harris Teeter stores.


It was weird because if I wanted cottage cheese on that shopping trip I had to go to one particular store since some of the others around me didn’t carry it.  This began to happen more and more often and it really annoyed me.


Sometimes it was all right because the “store” brand was as good as what I had bought but as a customer it really pissed me off.


Which brings me to today.  I really like to do jigsaw puzzles.  I usually only do them when I’m in a certain mood but I made sure to keep a bunch of them around.  For the past 15 or so years, since Target opened here in Greensboro, I’ve bought my puzzles at Target.  I only buy “Big Ben” puzzles.  Why? I only like certain types of puzzles.  Specifically nature and/or landscapes 1000 piece puzzles.


Anything larger is a pain in the ass on my table and anything smaller isn’t worth it.  So I have been buying these Big Ben Puzzles from Target forever.  Today, I went in to Target, which just reorganized itself (another pain in the ass since they moved everything around and I totally had the store memorized) and guess what? They no longer carry Big Ben puzzles.


They did have 1000 piece puzzles but they were ugly and I have no desire to do ugly brands.  The new brand they have for 1000 piece nature puzzles is Ravensburger.  Now I like those puzzles but they are exorbitant and there’s no way I’m spending 10.99 on a puzzle that takes me maybe 10 hours to do.  I mean that’s ridiculous.


As I stared in amazement, I was so ticked off because those Big Ben puzzles sold like hot cakes at Target.  They’d get a shipment in and it wouldn’t take any time at all to sell them out.


It just pisses me off.  I’m sure the store will make a bigger profit with the new brand but what about all those customers who have been buying the other brand for years.  Don’t they count for anything? Ok, I’m done ranting.


Just wanted to share my annoyance.  Now I’ll have to go on the Internet and find what I like and have it shipped.


See ya


UPDATE:  What the hell is going on?  I checked Walmart too and I can’t find them anywhere?????? SHIT!

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  1. Julie
    November 1, 2012

    That must be frustrating as hell. That’s why I gave up on all hobbies and focus only on wine consumption.

    • Lynn
      November 1, 2012

      What happens when they stop selling wine huh?????

  2. Jester Queen
    November 1, 2012

    Fuck that shit. I say shop on line. Let them screw themselves out of a sale.

    • Lynn
      November 2, 2012

      yeah…i had a hard time finding them online too

  3. Patty
    November 1, 2012

    Amazon. That’s all.

    • Lynn
      November 2, 2012

      they’re so expensive there…plus all that shipping

  4. maura
    November 3, 2012

    10 hours to do 1000 pc puzzle???? I have had one in my attic for 6 years ot seems so scary

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