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In which i’m still here

Funny Girl

Gosh. I haven’t written a post in forever … have you noticed? My fish have; it think they’re depressed. Not because they actually READ the posts but I think they like me to come into the office and sit in my chair which is next to them.


I don’t come in as much anymore because so much of my paperwork is done by computer now that I don’t have to pay my bills as often. This is both good and bad because now I have a tendency to NOT pay my bills to the people who don’t have auto pay and it turns out they’re not as happy about that as you might expect.


So I’m a bit grumpy because there is something wrong with my hip flexor and it’s killing me so I had to take some Aleve. It’s a 2-Aleve kind of day as they say.


I don’t usually take that stuff because it destroys my stomach and I basically trade one pain for another but I can take it occasionally, which is what I’m doing.


This week is a bit nuts because this weekend one of our good friends daughter is getting married and both Keely and Andie are in the wedding and all five of us are going. Yes five, which means that Daniel will actually grace us with his presence.


So I’m invited to the bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner and to the wedding itself which means 3 times to dress up in two days. I’m also hosting a party for them Thursday night, which means dressing up 4 times in 3 days which is basically 4 times more then the norm.


I’m not looking forward to it because my middle section is steadily expanding (that’s not a positive thing) and no Spanx on earth will be able to make it look good.


Nonetheless I shall endeavor to look nice although I’m not quite sure of the outcome.


In other news there are a bunch of deer that have been chilling in my front yard so that’s pretty cute.


I’m still painting although I haven[‘t really liked my current works. Sometimes ya got it and sometimes ya don’t.


I think after the next few weeks’ life will settle down and hopefully I’ll post more. IN the meantime enjoy yourselves and have a great week.

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  1. echo
    September 27, 2015

    excuse me, I have been watching on your blogs for a few months. I really like your stories .but I also have a confusion about the meaning –“all fooked up”. I looked it up in the dictionary ,and also searched it on the internet,but i don’t get any usefull information….so ,I’d appreciate it if you give me a reply. Thank you!

    • Lynn
      September 28, 2015

      it’s a joke … from Braveheart. I think I wrote a post about it. Perhaps I’ll repost it.

      • echo
        September 28, 2015

        THANK YOU! i’m so glad to have received your reply! Brave heart, Maybe I would watch it in the coming holiday-the National Day. It seems as if the movie has been waving his arm to me ,^_^,many friends have introduced the classical film to me . it’s time to do it.

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