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In which i’m the grim reaper — repost

Grim Reaper

I was having a conversation the other day (that seems to be a common theme on this blog) and I was explaining the following:


Me:                  I think that I would be an awesome Grim Reaper


Other:             Grim Reaper?


Me:                  yeah, you know.  The guy who is death


Other:             Does the Grim Reaper even exist?


Me:                  Of course it does.  Haven’t you seen “meet Joe Black” with Brad Pitt?


Other:             I’m not sure it’s real…


Me:                  sheesh… anyways, I think I’d look awesome as the Grim Reaper


Other:             How’s that?


Me:                  Well, first I look really good in black …


Other:             Black?


Me:                  Yeah BLACK.  The grim reaper wears a huge black robe and I look good in black.


Other:             What else?


Me:                  The Grim Reaper carries around a scythe…


Other:             A scythe?


Me:                  Yeah, how SICK is that?  Soooo awesome


Other:             What does he do with the scythe?


Me:                  How the hell should I know?  Perhaps he just mows down lives…


Other:             What else?


Me:                  I think I’d be good at culling people


Other:             Why do you say that?


Me:                  I’m always good at getting rid of clutter so I’d just basically unclutter the world.


Other:             Who would you get rid of?


Me:                  First of all.  I’d get rid of stupid people.


Other:             okayyyyyy


Me:                  … and ignorant and annoying people as well.  Just your basic superfluous person.  GONE!!


Other:             wouldn’t you feel guilty?


Me:                  I assume that once you’re actually the Grim Reaper you wouldn’t have a guilty conscience.  The ability to smote people down without guilt has GOT to be in the job description, don’t cha think?


Other:             I’m not sure that there is an actual job description.


Me:                  You know, you suck at these types of conversations.



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  1. Kelly
    May 3, 2013

    If you haven’t already, see the show ‘Dead like me’ it is awesome. All about grim reapers. So good!!!

  2. Punky Coletta
    May 4, 2013

    Haha! I bet there is a job description! With uniform requirements.
    Punky Coletta recently posted..Nerds are good in bed.My Profile

  3. Meg Mc
    May 12, 2013

    Yeah, what the hell would THAT Casual Friday look entail?

    • Lynn
      May 13, 2013


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