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In which i’m the “inspiration” person


Today at spinning, a friend of mine told me that she had gotten a job and was I aware of that? Of course, being a person who spends their life spaced out I was NOT aware of that but she was quite pleased to have this “part-time” job.  I was thinking it over and a part-time job would probably be perfect because you’d have enough time to do the stuff you wanted to but you also wouldn’t be sitting around twiddling your thumbs bored out of your gourd.


I pointed out to her that “maybe I too should find something to do with myself” and she pointed out that I had my blog.


I never know if people are serious or mocking me when they tell me that I have my blog.  First, as you might have been aware this past week, I occasionally completely screw up the scheduling and two posts show up.  Of course, one is never ready because it wasn’t supposed to show up but it did.  On the other hand, half the time I feel as if I’m “phoning it in” although lets be serious, it’s not like I ever spend a great deal of effort on this here endeavor.


That’s why it kills me when people say that.  Is blogging supposed to take a lot of time? I suppose that since I can whip out these meandering posts and honestly, barely proof them (I know that’s obvious) that I spend less time then ordinary.  Basically each morning I have the posts “auto-posted” and then I do put them on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook and I tweet them out.


Beyond that, I don’t do much other than writing them.  Ahhhhh…writing them.  I often have my best thoughts while working out (god I’m a genius when I’m trying to avoid paying attention to my workout) and when I’m trying to sleep (that actually sucks.)  By the time I’m at my computer I’m all like “what the hell was I thinking of” and you rarely get the genius type stuff.


Nonetheless, I keep on keeping on.  Truly I don’t know why.  So what would I like to be doing? Something creative that changes all the time so I don’t get bored.  What is that? I have no clue.  Mostly I’m waiting for Keely to pitch some of her projects (she’s attempting to be a TV writer) so I can have input in them.


You see, while I’m not much of a writer I’m incredibly good at coming up with pitches and storylines and shows.  As per usual, I would NEVER have any follow through but there’s no lack of ideas floating around in my head.


So ideally, I would be a “consultant” of sorts who just kept the creative juices flowing.  To bad there’s really not a job for that, sort of an “inspiration” person.


But, I suppose that I’ll just keep looking for something fun to do and dabbling around in what I am doing.  If you have any good job prospects for me let me know.  I’m actually incredibly good in board meetings cutting through the bullshit.  You know when people keep talking just to talk and nobody is getting anywhere? I get all-rude and I’m like “can we just cut the crap and get to the point” and all.


That’s probably a great skill.  Perhaps Congress could use me to mow through their bullshit.


Just a thought …

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