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In which it could have been a Pantene commercial


Yesterday I took a Pilates class in the middle of a Pantene commercial. Well, it wasn’t officially in the middle of a Pantene commercial in the sense that they weren’t actually filming a commercial but they COULD have filmed a commercial because everyone in the class, except for me, had amazing, beautiful, thick and flowy hair. Is flowy a word?


We were doing all the up and down and stretches and all that stuff when we had to turn to New York. I don’t mean that we actually “turned to New York” but there’s a picture on the wall of New York so when the instructor say’s “turn to New York” we all turn that way, which is to the right actually.


So when we turned to the right I was in the back and in front of me (and also to the right in front of me) were 5 women, two blondes and three brunettes. One of the blonds, Tiffany, had her hair in this amazing French braid as she always does and it looked incredible as it always does.



In front of her was another blonde who also had thick blonde hair with natural, perfect, chunky highlights. Then behind Tiffany was this brunette and her hair was in a ponytail looking all shiny and amazing.


In front of me were two more brunettes and their hair also was really thick. I seriously stopped the class and announced to the instructor, “what is this? A Pantene commercial?” because everyone except for me had beautiful, straight, thick and lustrous hair.


Of course, the instructor ALSO had crazy curly hair like mine and we were both all agog.


How am I to be expected to work on my core when clearly there was some sort of hair conspiracy going on? And today it continues!! How you might ask?


I’ll tell you. I went to get my hair did. What this used to mean was blonde highlights but what it NOW means is making the roots brown (instead of it’s new natural gray) and then highlighting it blonde.


But, I was wearing my white glasses and the dye turned my white glasses brown. I blame it on the entire hair culture that existed in my Pilates class and sent me on a downhill spiral.


By the way, NO it didn’t come out. Fortunately, it’s mostly the part behind my ears and you can’t tell but still … major hair conspiracy going down right???

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One Comment

  1. Julie
    November 21, 2014

    The cold weather, your banging into shit resulting in amazballs bruises and now this. That more than a conspiracy. North Carolina has gone MAD!! Get out while you still can ~ a zombie apocalypse may be next!

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