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In which it didn’t matter

Chaos Ahead Traffic Sign
SO I’m up in Vermont and today Allison (my mother-in-law) and I went to meet my sister-in-law Sue and my two nieces for lunch. I was driving down to Bennington and Allison was SUPPOSED to be the navigator. Let me tell you how we got lost in the incredibly small town of Bennington on the way to a restaurant Allison goes to all the time.

Me: so Allison, you do know how to get there right?

Allison: of course

Me: because I don’t know how to get to Bennington Station (the name of the restaurant)

Allison: I do so don’t worry

Me: do I take this fork to the right or do I go straight

Allison: it doesn’t matter

So I take the fork to the right.

Allison: it probably would have been better to go straight

Me: should I turn around?

Allison: no, no, no its alright

So I’m driving down the street and Allison is telling me about the town (which, by the way, I’ve been to a billion times)

Me: there’s a light ahead

Allison: take a left

Me: ok (and I took the left)

Ahead was another stop light.

Me: left or straight

Allison: either one

Me:no make a decision

Allison: doesnt matter

Me: ok I’ll go straight

And we waited at the light until it turns green

Allison: you probably should have turned left

Me: we’ll it’s too late now because there’s a red arrow for left turns

Me: what now?

Allison: take a left at the next street

Me: here?

Allison: no

Me: here?

Allison: no

Me: so not exactly the next one

Allison: here

So I make a left

Me: what now

Allison: I’m not sure

Me: we seem to be going in the direction we just came from

Allison: let me think

Me: there’s a restaurant called The Ble Benn

Allison: ummm

Me: I’m calling Sue

So I did and she laughed and laughed but we were only two blocks away and we made it there. We had a delightful lunch bad as we were coming back I said:

Me: so we’re leaving. Should I go left or right?

Allison: it doesn’t matter!

Hahahaha…well, I must have made it home or I wouldn’t be typing this.

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  1. Jester Queen
    February 25, 2013

    Oh that’s HILARIOUS. IT doesn’t matter … but you should have …

    • Lynn
      February 25, 2013

      it was soooo funny

  2. Tara
    February 25, 2013

    When I give you directions to the restaurant I know how to go to, always go left if I say right and vice versa. Assuming you do that we’ll get there fine. But if I point, follow my finger, it knows the way much better than my words do.

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