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In which it happened AGAIN …


… and then I told her the last post was unacceptable and let’s write a REAL POST!!!!

Amazing times with my most favorite child and person in the universe this summer!!! –written entirely by Lynn “mediocre typess blogger person” MacDonald the I!


Here are all the gr8 timez I had with andie this summer. Words cannot even describe how wonderful it was. If I had to rate how wonderful it was on a scale of sea level to mount Everest I would probably say stratosphere which as you know from knowing levels of the sky is actually higher than the scale goes. Maybe I could even say the moon! Hearts.


So anyway. As I said. This is written by lynn I and only her. No one else. Andie is not here. She’s busy being amazingggg and saving the worldddd and making everyone happy all the time always which is not one of her expressions that she uses ever. All lynn all the time. Always. All the time always. If it’s me reading the signs. Lynn.






The gr8 times we had this summer: let’s call it the summer of andie and mommy loving each other part II and dad was there sometimes but not as much as andie and mommy.


Let’s talk. Gr8 times were…


  1. Cuddling on the couch all the time always on most of the days
  2. Coffee times on the couch refer to number 1 plz
  3. Guardians of the galaxy movie followed by 6 disney movies but lynn pussied out and only watched 3
  4. Bought some owls. They became family heirlooms which we will discover come to life when we turn our backs and will save the world in three generations. Gots to keep them around till then!
  5. Burning lynn with glue gun b/c she doesn’t have amazing hand eye coordination like the really wonderful amazing super-dupercalifragalisticexpialadocious daughter who has great coordination and did not burn herself at all
  6. Tv timez
  7. Watched the wire and learned that maybe not cut out to be a drug dealer or actually a cop either or also probs not a drug addict b/c sad
  8. Laid out by the pool one time when it was sunny
  9. Made cookie batter and didn’t make cookies till dad forced us to b/c he was bitter about not being in the name of the summer b/c diva daddeh
  10. Buhscah discovered her love for history movies with mediocre sound tracks
  11. Buhscah shedded everywhere
  12. Lynn was atrocious at pacman and refused to play b/c sore loser sad timez
  13. Tucker cowered in fear in a cone and peed and pooped everywhere all the time always
  14. Andie and momy have great times at harris teeter and try and carry many different sodas at once
  15. Froyo!
  16. Andie and mommy sing to each other and dad tries but doesn’t quite get the melody
  17. Southern conversations that sometimes get a little out of hand *winky face you know we’re talking about eh maybe idk*
  18. Culpeppah
  19. Sweet briaaah
  20. Mom steps on rattlesnake to claim it for America similar to pilgrims stepping on Plymouth rock
  21. *copperhead not rattlesnake SEMANTICS who gives craps idk idk
  22. bebe birds take flight!!!!
  23. Bebe bambis do not!!!!


Overall it was a delightful time and I, lynn, am going to miss my lovely daughter more than anything in the world. If only andie had written me a blog post b/c surely it would have been better than those paragraph things I write that you people read for some reason.


For a list of better blogs please email me and I will refer you.



Lynn macdonald I

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  1. Brad Procton
    August 5, 2014

    This is the sort of Higher Education taught at Duke University? I fear for both the Next Generation and the Medical Sciences!

    • Lynn
      August 6, 2014

      She’s funny though right?

  2. Cynthia K
    August 5, 2014

    When one of your kids is old and settled enough to produce offspring, I will pay that kid $50 if they name their child Lynn MacDonald II. For real.

    Also you should sign everything thusly henceforth.

    • Lynn
      August 6, 2014

      Hahaha….that kid is crazy and I will let them know

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