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In which it was a bad travel day for Keely


I’m sitting here on Saturday morning and it’s the first day since December 14th that I haven’t had any kids here.  I’m sure I’ll be sad later but right now it feels pretty damn good to be alone in my house (Kevin is at work of course.)


Yesterday, however, was a crazy day trying to get rid of Keely.  Her plans were to fly from Greensboro to New York City through Charlotte.  Then on Monday she’s going back to Los Angeles.


This is always a tough decision to make, how to get anywhere from Greensboro. You see, we are NOT a hub city but RDU and Charlotte ARE hub airports.  I never really have a problem flying from here to Charlotte and then on but Keely always seems to.


However, since there were no direct flights available from either Raleigh or from Greensboro she booked a flight through Charlotte.  Here plans were as follows: (approximately)


GSO-Charlotte 2:40-3:15

Charlotte-LGA 4:09-5:30


Of course, around 11 or so she got a message saying that her GSO-Charlotte flight was delayed therefore she would miss the next flight.  I told her that if that were the case then I’d just drive her to Charlotte.  It’s almost a 2-hour drive each way depending on traffic, which I just assumed would be awful since it was pouring, and it was a Friday.


I decided that we would get to the airport before 1 so that we could discuss with the US Air people.  We actually got to the airport around 12:45 and although her Charlotte flight wasn’t going she was in luck.


They had a flight boarding in 10 minutes that was going to Philadelphia and she’d actually catch a flight to LGA that was even earlier!!!  We were both terribly excited.  Me, because I wouldn’t have to drive, and Keely because her goal was to see her friends.




So I kiss her goodbye and she goes through security and I go home.  I’m so excited to be at home because it’s raining and yucky and it’s been a long time since I’ve been just chilling by myself.




Keely texts me that the plane is not there.

Finally the plane arrives.

Whoops! There’s a delay through Philly.

I check FlightAware.

Shit! There are 2 ½ hour delays through Philly.

Therefore she’s probably going to miss the next flight.

Well, it turns out the Philly-LGA flight got cancelled altogether.

Then they reroute her from Philly to BOSTON to LGA

I think this is a terrible idea.

No worries, turns out that Philly is a mess.

All the while I’m getting all these texts about this and that from her.

Finally she calls at 2:30 and says that the US Air people recommend her getting to charlotte to fly directly to LGA.  There’s a 6:45 flight.


SERIOUSLY??? I was going to drive her to Charlotte earlier to catch the 4:09 flight and they told me not to bother and that flight was on time.


So I race to the airport and pick up Keely and she’s telling me so much stuff that I actually space out and find myself on THE WRONG ROAD heading back to my house.


I turn around and head out to Charlotte and it fucking pours the entire way down there but for some reason, there actually wasn’t much traffic and I make it in less than two hours.


I drop Keely off and get right back on the road so that I can beat all the rush hour traffic and lo and behold, I manage that too.  I finally around home again around 6:45 and I feel like I’ve run a marathon but …


Keely made it to New York.

I remained alive.

Kevin and I are once again empty nesters.

Good grief.  Airline travel …

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  1. Ribena Tina @ ribenamusings
    January 14, 2014

    That is the one thinig I struggle with as a mum – constant texts from Beautiful B with a montage of how something is going wrong or she is having a rubbish day and I feel totally helpless because there is nothing I can do to help her at the time.


    • Lynn
      January 14, 2014

      I know. Sometimes I’m like JUST STOP

  2. Name *
    January 14, 2014

    That’s the one thing I struggle with as a mum – receiving a constant stream of texts from Beautiful B telling me how bad a day she is having or how she is struggling with something and having no possible way of helping her.

    Thankfully you could although it sounds like you needed a relaxing bath afterwards.

    The joys of motherhood……wouldn’t have it any other way despite it bieng so mentally exhausting.
    Name * recently posted..What I learned this weekMy Profile

  3. Julie
    January 14, 2014

    I’m exhausted just reading this.

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