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In which it was a zit


Hey guys. Sorry that I did such a slack job writing on the blog last week. Actually I suppose that I’ve done a slack job much longer then that but lets just talk about last week.


It was crazy! First I had Daniel home for Spring Break. He hadn’t found a summer internship yet and his plan was to sleep (which he excels at) and apply for more internships (which he doesn’t). Didn’t seem like a bad plan although at this point it seems the minute anyone is around my plan and life gets completely out of sorts.
I can’t even imagine how I functioned when I had kids around the house.


So he came home on Saturday and Andie was home as well so we all had a nice day. On Sunday Daniel sat down with me and we discussed internships while Kevin had lunch with Andie. (Kevin and Andie have a “lunch” thing, which I think is awesome)


So then Andie went back to med school and I figured Daniel would never be up before 1:00 everyday so life would be basically normal except when I came home from working out Daniel was up (which is never the case) and I checked on him and his lower lip was swollen. I’m talking MASSIVELY swollen.


It looked like it was going to explode and I quickly checked for allergic symptoms like hives, swollen throat, etc. Nope, nothing EXCEPT it looked like there was an angry zit right under his lip.


I figured it was infected and made an appointment at the dermatologist. Other then Keely, I haven’t been to a doctor’s appointment in a very long time with my kids. After all, Daniel is my baby and he’s 21 so why do I need to go right?



I figured they’d pop it and clean it out (yuck right?) and then it’d feel better; except they didn’t. The doctor wouldn’t rule out an allergic reaction so she put him on Benadryl, Claritin and an antibiotic and told him to ice it and use hot compresses.


I had assumed things would be better after that but I was wrong. Tuesday he was miserable because his lip was killing him and so large I was wondering if it would burst. Is that possible? I have no clue.


By Wednesday it was no better and he was a mess so I brought him back to the doctor. Of course, to get this appointment I had to call in favors and thank god I know so many doctors.


We went in and this time the doctor was shocked and lanced it and can I tell you that it was one of the grossest things ever. She numbed him but he was in agony and told me after that it was the most painful thing he’d ever been through and he’s broken things and separated his elbow before.
The doctor proclaimed “that she had never seen anything like this in 10 ½ years of practice” which I think is personally is fucked up. After all, Keely’s tumor was “nothing Duke had seen” and then this stupid 7 week abscess is something “the doctor has never had happen before” and now Daniel. How many times to I have to hear this statement.


Anyways, they cleaned it out as best they could and we came home and gave Daniel a pain pill (yes! For a zit!) and by the Thursday it was finally healing. They cultured it but I don’t even care because it’s clearing up. Anyways, the whole thing messed up my week.


Ruined by a zit!! Unbelievable. So that’s why I didn’t write a post. Well, that and Keely. More on that later.

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  1. Julie
    March 16, 2015

    Is it wrong that I want to see a picture of it?

    • Lynn
      March 25, 2015

      I didn’t take one but it was NASTY

  2. Name *
    March 17, 2015

    That’s one fucked up zit! I’d have thought maybe a boil, but never heard of a lip boil. Yuck!
    (and I’m with Julie, morbid curiosity makes me wanna see a pic)

  3. Snarkfest
    March 17, 2015

    And now I feel like an assbag because I missed seeing “NAME” above my comment box and it just looks like
    my name is NAME.

    I’ll go crawl back into my hole now.

    • Lynn
      March 25, 2015


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