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In which it was clogged


Honestly, I wasn’t even going to write a post today even though I spent the entire morning laughing with Andie. It’s really all her fault though. I normally write the second I get back from working out but that’s because I’m normally alone at that time.


BUT … Andie is home for 3 weeks so she’s always around when I get home and she distracts me and I’m never good in the afternoon so that’s why it’s all her fault.


I hear the World Cup in the other room and I’m missing it but I’m doing it for you guys. I remembered that I promised I’d finish up the BIG MOVE!!!


As I was telling you, all was going well until we had basically moved all the stuff into Andie’s new apartment and it was time to vacuum her old bedroom. That’s because she had friends moving into the new place even as she was moving out.


So she’s vacuuming and she calls me in there.


Andie:             mom


Me:                  what?


Andie:             come here


Me:                  why?


Andie:             because the vacuum is making a weird noise


Me:                  did you turn it over?


And then I get a blank look because as home we have an “in house” vacuum and although she’s had this Electrolux for YEARS she has literally never turned it over to check it.


So I go into her room


Me:                  see? You just turn it over so make sure something is not stuck


Andie:             oh


And then I die … and she practically pukes …




What I expected to see was a string or something stuck on the beater …




Was about a ½ inch thick hairball around the beater for the entire 12 inches or so. I look at her aghast!


Me:                  what the hell Andie?


Andie:             that’s disgusting


Me:                  that’s all hair


Andie:             I can’t help it if I shed


Me:                  hairs that’s obviously NEVER BEEN CLEANED OUT


Andie:             I think I’m going to puke


Me:                  I need scissors


Andie:             (happily leaving) OK


And then it takes a while for me to cut the entire mess out and it’s more than disgusting.


However, I persevere and voila!!! The vacuum works.


My daughter is an idiot. Nuff said.

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  1. Phillipa
    July 10, 2014

    That would have been me…..I think it’s something you learn as you get older….natural instinct or something.

  2. Julie
    July 10, 2014

    I REALLY wish that I didn’t understand but as the mother of another “shedder” , I get it. I’m nauseous, but I get it.

    • Lynn
      July 12, 2014

      It was disgusting

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