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In which it was riveting

Funny Girl

Kevin and I were gone last weekend to visit Keely in LA, which you would know if you actually read this blog.


Normally Kevin calls his parents to check in each Sunday but obviously he didn’t this past Sunday since we were with Keely.  Therefore, when we got home on Monday night there was a message from Allison and John.  This was probably because Kevin thought we were getting home at 4:00 but we actually got home around 11:15, which is way, way too late to call his parents.


Therefore, being the most incredible daughter in law ever, I decided that I should give them a call on Tuesday.  First, there was no way Kevin would have time to call and second because didn’t I just say that I was incredible?


So I call and we discuss Keely and the trip and the other kids and all this other stuff including, for some reason, my mom and her psyche.  Finally, nearing the end of the conversation Allison says:


Allison:            well, let me tell you about the excitement that we had up here this weekend.


So I’m thinking, “wow, what happened up there?” because that’s a leading line right?


Me:                  ok

Allison:            you know how Johnny and Sue (brother and sister-in-law) have that big garage door?


(Note: it’s a standard double garage door)


Me:                  yeah

Allison:            well this weekend the spring on it broke or something and they couldn’t get it to go up

Me:                  yeah and …

Allison:            and they tried really hard and they even got Doug (their son-in-law) and Greg (another son-in-law) to help and they still couldn’t get it to go up

Me:                  yeah and? …

Allison:            I mean all three of them couldn’t get the garage door up


(Note: so I’m waiting for the ending of this tale thinking “oh no, someone got hurt” or “oh no, a car got smashed” or “oh no, something is going to happen”)


Me:                  wow

Allison:            both of their cars were stuck in the garage

Me:                  uh huh … so what then?

Allison:            Johnny had to be late for work on Monday to meet the garage guy who finally got the garage door up

Me:                  that’s it?

Allison:            no, that’s not it.  Now their garage door doesn’t work

Me:                  that’s the excitement?


So of course, I call Kevin and we have a conversation about all the incredible tasks that I have accomplished today. After agreeing that I’m incredible (actually he didn’t agree) I say “oh by the way …”


Me:                  oh by the way, your parents had some excitement this weekend

Kevin:             they did?

Me:                  yes, they did


And so I tell him the tale to which he responds:


Kevin:             riveting


And I realize that I MUST tell Allison to start a blog because you guys don’t want to miss another day in the life of a Vermonter now do you????


And to Allison, who reads this blog, I must say that “I love you” but seriously, you can’t expect to tell me this in a conversation and not have it make the blog.  After all, you did ask that I post everyday and I did point out that if I talked to you everyday I would have no problem at all posting every day now didn’t I?

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  1. Julie
    February 26, 2014

    And this newsy blog post ~ also riveting.
    I don’t know how you do it.

    • Lynn
      February 27, 2014

      hahaha…um was that sarcasm????

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