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In which it was swift, silent and lethal


Today Kevin and I were going to work out and we were talking about miscellaneous things, most of which drive him crazy.


As we pulled into the gym parking lot, there were plenty of spaces but Kevin always bitches at me if I park far away. Just last night at the movies (which by the way, we saw “The Duff” and it was great) he was asking why I had parked so far away.


Never mind that earlier, when I parked, all the spaces, which were open, now had been full.


But back to our story …


So we pull into the parking lot and directly ahead of me is a parking space. I said, “Hey, I’ll pull in there” and the space was the first space so there was a big snowdrift on the right and a car on the left.


Kevin asked me if this was going to be his “retribution” for Vermont.




Vermont is where Kevin threw me into a snowdrift and trashed me.




I replied that “No. My retribution would be “swift, silent and lethal!”


Kevin and I then both agreed that that combination of words was incredible and perhaps the best three words I’ve put together in my life.


I said “wow, that combination is great … I’m going to include it in a post!” and Kevin said “You won’t even remember them in 5 minutes” which is also true. (I have absolutely no short term memory!)


BUT … I quickly went inside the gym (because we were, after all, going to work out) and typed the three words into my cell phone so VOILA! I still have them!


Anyways, none of that changes anything because Kevin is a candy ass and there was plenty of room to exit the vehicle to the right without falling into the snow but I can’t wait to have my retribution.

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One Comment

  1. Julie
    March 2, 2015

    And I can’t wait to read about it!!

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