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In which it was Thanksgiving


I think I told you guys that last week, Keely took the redeye in from Los Angeles.  If I didn’t tell you then I guess you know now because you read the previous sentence.  The plan was for Keely to fly in and get to Raleigh at 6:00.


We told Daniel, who was done on Tuesday, that he should just stay down at school and pick Keely up early Wednesday and then come home.  So that was the plan.  Then Andie decided that she would go pick up Keely instead.  I think she was psyched to see her or something.  I mean, we live about 1 ¼ hours from the airport and Andie would need to get up early.


So we told Daniel to come home which he did.  But then, this gigantic storm arrived. I’m sure you heard of it because it was all over the news.  Because Andie once had an awful experience with hydroplaning in a huge rainstorm, she decided that she no longer wanted to get up at 5:00 AM and go get Andie. Unfortunately, Daniel was already home by this time so now Kevin had to go get Keely.


Poor Kevin … he always gets stuck with this stuff.  I DID offer but THNAK GOD he turned me down.  So he went and got Keely and she got home and I went to work out.  Then we had a full day because she had a Dentist appointment and she wanted to go shopping for her Chanukah/Christmas present not to mention that we were having Chanukah that night and Thanksgiving the next day.


In other words, it was a bit chaotic. Wednesday night was a family meal and it was so much fun to have everyone all together.  Then predictably, Keely went out to see her friends because … well because she’s a social butterfly and has about a billion friends.


Thursday was a beautiful day and after getting my turkey in, Kevin and I went to work out.  The rest of the day was chilling and getting ready for the family.  I had decided that we would have a very casual Thanksgiving.  I didn’t want to deal with china and all that bullshit so we did it buffet style.


I had explained to my kids that I thought they’d have more fun if they, and their cousins, sat in the kitchen.  Keely said “seriously mom? YOU want us at the kids table?” I told her it’d be more fun considering the youngest kid (other than Rose who was with us) was 17 but she was disgusted.


She needn’t’ have been because they had a great time; mostly, because Keely and Andie invented a Thanksgiving Drinking game.  Yeah, so that happened.  I’ll post all the rules tomorrow.


All in all it was a very fun thanksgiving and perhaps the best one ever.  It was good fun and LOTS of wine, seriously LOTS OF WINE and we all laughed and laughed and laughed.  I even did an incredible rendition of Selena Gomez singing during the half time show of the Cowboys game.  I’ll see if I can find it and post it for you guys.

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  1. Mayor Gia
    December 4, 2013

    Glad it was fun, and all your kiddies got home safe!
    Mayor Gia recently posted..Advent Calendar, AgainMy Profile

    • Lynn
      December 4, 2013

      yep…and now they’re gone! YEAH

  2. Julie
    December 4, 2013

    I would LOVE to see that video!!

    • Lynn
      December 4, 2013

      i think Keely has it

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