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In which it was the bike ride


So I told you the other day that my back was all kinds of fucked up and that I had a tumor. No biggie right?


I don’t know if I told you this story before but when I was up at the spa with my cousin and the day I hurt my back she made me go on this bike ride. Then that afternoon I hurt my back and all along I’ve told her that the stupid bike ride hurt my back and that it was her fault.


Meanwhile she’s been saying that it was the boxing class that I took the day before that hurt my back and that it wasn’t her fault. Her logic is that it was all the twisting and torqueing that I did in the class that hurt it.


Long story short as I was on the phone talking to future Dr. Andie MacDonald about my little tumor here she pointed out that it was the stupid bike ride that caused my tumor.


Being that I NEVER lose my sense of humor I decided that would be really funny if that’s how I broke the news to Laurie.


So Laurie lives in England I wasn’t sure how many hours ahead they were but I thought it was 5 and she’d be up. I texted her that “Just so you know, that stupid bike ride gave me a spinal tumor.” I then added that it was “benign though J”


She texted back that “it wasn’t the bike ride. Glad it’s benign” and then she called me and told me that it was the “boxing” that did it. Hahaha


So whether it was the boxing or the biking or even the Kangoo that I did that seems to be the problem but as you know, I often find shit like this funny.


Last night my friend Rachel asked me what I was going to do and how Kevin was taking it and I replied that “what I was going to do was set up a Match profile for Kevin to find his next wife” which I’m happy to say both of them laughed at.


After all, isn’t that why we have bad shit happen so that we can laugh about it?



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One Comment

  1. Julie
    November 28, 2014

    Exercise will kill you!
    Hope all is well.

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