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In which it’s a wrap

The journey

It’s Sunday, February 10 and I’m writing this post while I’m on never-ending hold with JetBlue airlines.  It’s funny because I actually bought additional tickets to get out of Boston early so I obviously needed to deal with my initial tickets.


My initial flight which was Friday at 7:30 PM was pushed back to Sunday morning at 7:00 AM and then pushed back again to Sunday night at 7:30.  The message said that if you wanted to make a change, which I do, then you needed to call JetBlue but yesterday the wait times were OVER AN HOUR.  Today, I decided that I would attempt to get my credit by putting the call on speakerphone and writing a post whilst doing so.


I have already put up one post and I’m working on another and I’m still on hold.  All I want is credit for the flight since obviously I’m in North Carolina and the flight is from Boston to Raleigh.  I can’t do it online since I booked the damn thing through Travelocity.  The entire thing is a gigantic hassle and you would think they’d be thrilled I’m cancelling since they probably have to get a whole slew of people home because of the storm.


At any rate, let me do a summary of my trip.  First of all, Andie’s post was a hit although I pointed out to her that she missed some things and I deserved more “LynnPoints.”  For example, I took her to 47th street in New York City, which is also know as “the diamond district.”  I took her into the Diamond Exchanges and explained to her that every single one of those booths was a different business.


Now most people never see such a thing so I figured that was an extra bonus and she said I could have “10 more LynnPoints” so I wanted to let you guys know that. I also told her that people didn’t know the total and she basically said that she was “too busy” to add up the totals.


Also, when I told her that people thought she was amusing she replied “of course, I’m much funnier than you are” so I just thought I’d let you know who you’re dealing with.


ALSO: NEWSFLASH! I just spoke to JetBlue and they credited me my flight so YEAH!!!!


OK, back to the post.  Andie and I had a lovely Mother-daughter time.  I picked her up at the Med School at 12:15 on Friday and the airport was closing at 3:00.  We actually got to the airport in record time since nobody was on the road so that was quite excellent.  At the airport, the place was absolutely deserted.  However, our flight was still good to go.


We checked in and went to the gate and it really started snowing harder and harder.  By the time we boarded the plane, the snow was sticking and there was over an inch on the ground.  Andie was bitching about “we better get the move on it” and I was beginning to be concerned as well.


Then they announced that they were “clearing the runway” and we would be “heading to the deicing area soon.”  By now, the visibility wasn’t very good and I figured that soon we’d be told to disembark and Andie and I would be stuck at the airport until Sunday.


Finally, we pushed back and went to deicing and they announced that we were “the last flight leaving Logan airport before the storm” and everybody clapped.  However, at the deicing place there was another plane and I believe we got out of there before them.  The entire time, I was waiting for them to send us back because it was really snowing hard.


On the other hand, I figured we’d just die on takeoff and that would be that but as it turned out, we left at 2:45 and once we were above the turbulence we had a terrific flight home.


We landed in Raleigh and not only did Andie make it to the party she wanted to go to but I got home hours earlier then scheduled.


So, all in all, it was a great trip.  Of course, I think that Boston University Medical Center should admit my daughter just because we braved the weather.  What do you think?


Ok, that’s my trip. I’m sure other stuff happened but I’ve already finished my call and I’m going to chill.

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  1. Jester Queen
    February 12, 2013

    Glad you weren’t stuck in the storm. Congratulations on your increased number of Lynnpoints!

  2. Julie
    February 12, 2013

    I’d stoll like to know the total . . .

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