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In which it’s annoying



You know what’s annoying? I mean, other than this blog.  The fact that I just drove home from the gym and I did this ENTIRE post in my head and I finally got inside and I can’t remember a THING that I was going to say.  That’s what is annoying.


I guess I’ll just start at the beginning because this day has gone sideways and it’s only 10:48.  First of all, I had planned on getting up early and going to two classes (fitness) this morning because last week I decided I needed to lose some weight.  The only day that I feel I’m up to the two classes is on Friday and I did it last Friday and it set a good tone to the weekend.


I usually take Pilates at 9:30 and I thought I would spin at 8:30 before hand so I could do cardio too.  I got up and I was sitting on the couch and I had a splitting headache and I decided that maybe I wouldn’t go to spinning.  Maybe I would just do Pilates.  Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.


So at 9:15 I got in my car and drove up to the Studio.  I sat in my new car and messed with the settings a bit and finally, I was wondering what was going on. I walked up to the door and the sign said “closed today for Freaky Friday” or some such thing and I was all like “what the hell?” because I’m auto signed up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until perpetuity.  Normally, when I DON’T want to go I just tell the owner but in this case she cancelled and I had no clue.


So, I had missed my spinning and now no Pilates.  No matter, I would just go to my other gym and do some biking EXCEPT I was wearing flip-flops.  So I got in my car and drove home and ran inside and changed to my sneakers and got back in my car and then drove to the other gym.


I get there and I’m planning on doing an hour of cardio and I realize that I forgot my iPad.  Damn it.  I’m not capable of working out without my iPad because I totally need to be distracted and now I have NO READING MATERIAL. I’m super pissed at myself but I go in and get an old copy of Elle to read and I turn on my phone music and ya know what? My music sucks.


Why does my music suck? Because somehow all of Daniel’s music has gotten onto my iTunes account and basically I have a bunch of heavy wrap rotating with the Soundtrack of Wicked.  I know right?  Not only that, but he totally fucked up my phone as well and I have all of his contacts that have names like Joe “the Thug” and shit like that.  Who the hell is he hanging out with anyways?


Nonetheless, I put on my crap music and read the Elle and basically I finish and I’ve maybe done 25 minutes because it’s mostly pictures and no reading material.  I get off the bike and get an Allure and that magazine totally sucks.  No reading, no articles and very frankly and bunch of crap ads and pictures.  Who the hell reads that magazine?


I manage to tough it out for 45 minutes because I’m totally ADD in this situation and I get off the bike and get in my car and some crap song of Daniels is playing and I’m thinking “jeez.  How can this day suck so badly already?” and I compose this entire post in my head.


Then I come inside to write it and I forgot it although if you’re here at the bottom of the page you can see that I now have it back.  So what am I going to do now? Figure out why the hell Daniel’s shit is on my phone and get it the hell off.  That’s what I’m gonna do.


Ok, I gotta turn this day around.  Hope you’re doing well.  I will be soon (I hope).



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  1. Julie
    September 24, 2013

    How many different gyms do you go to?

    • Lynn
      September 24, 2013

      ummmm…three…one for Pilates and one for Spinning and then we have a family membership at the other

  2. Sylvia
    September 30, 2013

    Walking is good and free. Bill Bryson has a great story about a woman who drove to the gym, which was within walking distance. He asked why she didn’t walk – reply was that that would take valuable time from the machines!

    • Lynn
      September 30, 2013

      Hahaha…I hate to walk! but I don’t live near the gym either

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