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In which it’s because of basketball


I could give you a million reasons why I haven’t written a post but mostly, it’s basketball. You see its NCAA March Madness and there’s a lot of basketball to watch.


Do you guys have a pool? How can you not have a pool? It’s what makes this time of year worthwhile.


It all began when Kevin and I watched ESPN’s special “I hate Christian Laettner” which was terrific. If you don’t know who he is you a) aren’t a Kentucky Fan or b) aren’t a Carolina fan or c) you don’t watch NCAA basketball or d) you live under a rock.


Anyways, it was a very interesting special and if you like college hoops you should watch it. Then it was time to fill out the brackets. Now I have a reputation as someone who likes to pick upsets and I picked one but in one of the very first games I lost one of my Final Four picks.


In other words, I’m basically in last place in my pool.


So there’s that…


In other news, Andie and her friend Kathleen came home this weekend. You see, they’re best buds and we live halfway in between Durham and Charlotte so they came here. Kevin and I went out for dinner with them and had lots of drinks. Kevin got so “happy” that he decided we should all go see Taylor Swift in Raleigh.


Yeah, ALL OF US. The tickets are expensive so by this morning he realized that it was a CRAZY IDEA!


Today we have lots of errands but there’s the Virginia game and then the Duke game so we have lots of ballgames to watch. Who knows what we will get done? I snuck away while Andie showered to write this post.


Other than all that I have to send out a W(h)ine with Lynn invitation, change all the litter boxes (well, there’s only 2) and do some other assorted crap.


Everyone is fine. Sleepy Hollow got renewed so Keely will be writers assistant next year so that’s all good. Daniel got a summer internship at Cisco and Andie is still in med school I really can’t complain about anything other then Keely’s 7 week abscess which does kind of piss me off.


So that’s my life! Boring huh????

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  1. Julie
    March 23, 2015

    As you know, I am (a)A Kentucky fan.
    A huge Kentucky fan!!!

    • Lynn
      March 25, 2015

      I am AWARE!!!

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