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In which it’s been 28 years

Kevin and Lynn MacDonald

Yesterday (Saturday) was my 28th wedding anniversary. I’ve been married 28 years to Kevin MacDonald and I consider myself a very lucky person.


And yet, I don’t really show it; at least not often enough. I seem to have an inability to ever admit my true feelings without it being a joke. Basically I’m a bit of a jerk.


Anyways, I was thinking back to 28 years ago and it seems like such a long time.


28 years ago:


I got married.


My mom was alive.


My dad was alive.


I didn’t have kids.


I couldn’t even imagine taking care of myself so I seriously wasn’t thinking about kids.


I lived in New Jersey.


I worked for International Paper Company.


I was brash and didn’t ever worry about consequences.


I had an eating disorder.


I thought I was possibly crazy.


My hair was really curly.


I think I was really fun AND funny.


But now??


I’m still married.
Both my parent’s are gone.


I have kids.


I still can’t take care of myself and yet somehow those kids grew up in spite of all that.


I live in North Carolina and I’m incapable of actually holding down a job.


I’m still brash and I do pretty poorly worrying about consequences.


I don’t have an eating disorder but I think you always have an eating disorder in some capacity.


I now know I’m not crazy since Andie just finished a psychiatric rotation and there are people out there with some major psychiatric problems.


My hair isn’t as curly as it used to be so it’s sort of useless in that half curly, half frizzy, half straight way which I know, I know is more that a whole!


I’m not sure if I’m funny anymore????


So there you are … still married and I’m the same, and yet I’m not.


And to the guy who has stuck it out with me all these years … Here’s to you Kevin MacDonald!

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  1. Phillipa
    March 30, 2015

    Well, you make me chuckle, so there’s that….

    • Lynn
      March 31, 2015

      thanks so much!!!

  2. Julie
    March 30, 2015

    Don’t worry about not being funny. I think your hysterical.
    I was wondering, could there be another Kentucky – Duke matchup?

    • Lynn
      March 31, 2015

      i was wondering the same thing

  3. Larry B
    March 30, 2015

    28 years. Holy shit. The only ting I’ve ever done for 28 years in a row is breathe. Mostly. Well played.

    • Lynn
      March 31, 2015


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