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In which it’s bullshit


It’s kind of amazing to me how people will do anything to get out of taking responsibility for some things.  For example, last week my sitter/friend/housekeeper/dog feeder/jack of all trades/ Carol got in a car wreck on the way to my house.


I rushed to the hospital and fortunately, while she was really banged up, there was nothing seriously wrong other than a bad case of whiplash.  By the way, as it turns out a bad case of whiplash is incredibly painful.


So I got to the hospital and happened to walk back to the emergency room with the responding policewoman to Carol’s wreck.  She told Carol that the guy who was driving the large truck that smashed Carol’s car was at fault: his blinker was broken but even more importantly, he tried to make a left turn out of the second to the left lane.  This might not have mattered except for the fact that Carol’s car was in the left lane.


She said she wrote the guy a ticket and he was totally at fault.  Now I was actually there to witness this conversation so upon hearing this, I was feeling good about the insurance situation.  After all, the guy had pulled into traffic and then veered left and crashed a car and he was ticketed for it.


Today, I asked Carol how the insurance was coming along and the other guy was not only denying his “fault” to the cops, he wasn’t responding to his own insurance companies request for a comment.  As a result, his insurance company wasn’t going to process anything.


This is patently unfair.  Carol was admitted to the emergency room by ambulance and needed some testing and x-rays to make sure she hadn’t broken anything and now this guy could hold up everything, EVEN THOUGH HE WAS ALREADY TICKETED FOR BEING AT FAULT, simply by not responding.


He works for a business and I think these businesses know that many people can’t afford to look into the methods they use to bully people out of fighting them.  I think it’s bullshit and I just told Carol that I’m shocked that the insurance company won’t just pay up considering the police ruled the accident their driver’s fault.


She has now had to talk to a lawyer to send a notice just to get the other insurance company to do the right thing.


Seriously America?  You have turned into a bunch of shitheads hiding behind all sorts of rules and regulations.  Don’t people ever do the right thing anymore?  What if Carol had been so badly hurt she couldn’t follow all this up?


There is something seriously wrong with our society at this point.  Nobody will admit to anything or take responsibility for their screw-ups.  I think this is a problem.


Not that I can really do anything about it, I simply wanted to vent.



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  1. Julie
    May 31, 2013

    Veny your heart out. You are absolutely right.

  2. Sherry
    May 31, 2013

    Our daughter was hit last summer by an illegal immigrant driving without a license and without insurance. Fortunately, our daughter wasn’t hurt, but our BMW was a total loss. Nothing even happened to the other driver. It was amazing!

  3. Name *
    May 31, 2013

    Please name the insurance company – cause that’s BS!
    If it’s the ins. company I use – I’d call and ask them if this is the way they are gonna treat me if something happen.
    Maybe that would a fire under their a$$.
    I have a not like/hate relationship with insurance company’s :-)

  4. Jester Queen
    May 31, 2013

    She needs to call in her insurance company. They will raise holy hell with HIS insurance company until it gets paid. She will only be out her deductible long enough for this process to go through, and then, they’ll refund it with the rest of the money she needs. We had to take this route when I was in a fender bender last year. Let the insurance companies duke it out.

    • Lynn
      June 1, 2013

      thats what she did

  5. Punky Coletta
    June 2, 2013

    I have noticed this problem in our society lately as well. I wish people could own up to mistakes and help others.
    Wishing your friend the best.
    Punky Coletta recently posted..On Being A WomanMy Profile

    • Lynn
      June 2, 2013


  6. Erin
    June 2, 2013

    I had severe whiplash last fall, caused by another driver throwing her door open into my car as I drove past, so unexpectedly that she took off the entire front corner of my car. Both cars were seen by both the police and the exact same insurance evaluator at the same time. She phoned me screaming and swearing the day I picked my car up because she claimed I must somehow be at fault, apparently for not being psychic. People are a**holes.

  7. Fragrant Liar
    June 3, 2013

    Carol’s insurance company should be able to step in and get this resolved. That’s what she pays her premiums for; let them go after it!

    And yes, whiplashes are sometimes far worse than people imagine. I’ve had one I got 5 years ago and I am STILL dogged by it.

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