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In which it’s discontinued … of course


Can I just bitch and moan for a minute about Harris Teeter? Of course I can because this is my blog now isn’t it? So I’ve been going to Harris Teeter, which is my LOCAL grocery store for a very long time. I’ve also been bitching about Harris Teeter for a very long time.


Mostly I bitch about their new motto, which seems to be “discontinued.” You see, every time I like a product somebody, somewhere deep in the Harris Teeter organization seems to decide that “fuck Lynn MacDonald, let’s discontinue that product.”


This has happened with drinks, cottage cheese and yes, even my yogurt and today it happened again. The thing is that I’ve already SWITCHED yogurts because they discontinued the first one I liked.


See, I like Fage Greek Yogurt. Apparently Harris Teeter loves, loves, loves Chobani Greek Yogurt. So first they got rid of the 0% Yogurt that I liked but then they added some back in but NOT THE FLAVORS that I liked.


So I did what anybody would do: I switched. What did I switch to? I switched to Fage Fruyo. That’s a premixed 100-calorie yogurt that I liked. The first thing they started doing, as per usual, is not carrying all the flavors but I could deal with that.


But today, TODAY, I went in and guess what: no Fruyo anywhere. I mean I searched the whole fucking yogurt case and it wasn’t there.


By the way, I also couldn’t find the flavors of Chobani that Kevin liked either because they used to make a few and now they make a zillion but, of course, the flavors that he likes aren’t there.


So I was super pissed and I was checking out and the person innocently asked, “did you find everything that you were looking for?” and normally I don’t answer became “OF COURSE NOT” but today I explained that they had discontinued what I liked and the manager chick went to look.


I checked out and then I decided, “What the hell I’ll wait for her” and she came back and informed me that “you’re right, it’s been discontinued” to absolutely NOBODY’S shock.


So there ya go? Basically if I like it it’s gone. I realize that I don’t shop there as much as I used to when I had five people at home but really I don’t shop there because they never have what I fucking want!!!


I’m just saying …

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  1. Sheryl Perez
    September 3, 2015

    OMGoodness! I can sooooooo relate to this issue!!!!!!!!For all the good it doesn’t do I usually rag on the store manager – not that it ever helps. But, all is not lost because I had a dream the other night where I started in on the clerk and he stopped and asked “Are you Sheryl Perez?” to which I shyly said yes. He then informed me that all staff was told to bend over backwards for any request or issue I may have.
    So there you go. If I can’t live it I can still have my way in me dreams!
    Never give up!

    • Lynn
      September 13, 2015

      hahaha…I prefer to just bitch and not actually take action

  2. jenw
    September 12, 2015

    I dunno if you have a Kroger where you live…but if a mfg still makes a product they’ll order it and stock it for you. Sometimes they forget there’s that weird chick who’s the only one who buys that Fruyo and stop stocking it. But if you ask again they’ll get it for you.

    • Lynn
      September 13, 2015

      no Kroger around here anymore

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