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In which it’s hot and muggy

Sky at Sunset

It’s kind of a crazy day around here.  It’s almost 70 degrees outside and so very, very windy.  The weather has been more than a little bizarre this winter.  Just in the last few weeks, it was down in the low 20’s for an extended period of time, which rarely happens, and last night it was so hot and muggy that I considered turning on my air conditioning.


It is supposed to drop about 20 degrees tonight so it will be a little cooler tomorrow and while I can handle hot and muggy in the summer I find it somewhat disconcerting in the middle of January.


Of course, next week I’m going to New York City and Boston and I’ll probably freeze and be wishing it were warmer.  The thing is that winter should be winter and summer should be summer and I don’t want my winter to have a summer in it, you know what I mean?


I was at Pilates this morning and all 3 of us in our class were dying for the fans since it was incredibly sticky feeling in there.  Basically, it’s the sort of gray and muggy day that makes people feel Fugly.  You know what fugly is right?  It’s fucking ugly; the way you feel when you’re just sort of gross.  Don’t tell other people they look “fugly” though as I suspect they won’t appreciate it.


In other news, Keely seems to be doing well although I haven’t heard much from her.  Apparently, she has poor cell reception in her apartment so I will just have to get used to her just calling in little spurts when she’s out of the apartment.  She might have to break down and get a, GASP, landline to deal with this issue.  We shall see.


In other, other news, the girl that I once wrote about who was 15 and had an ABC (aneurysmal bone cyst) that was in her spine and was going on her 3rd surgery finally had a spot of good news.  Her mom contacted me that it was “shrinking” which is beyond fantastic!!!  Keep it up Kailin.  Here’s the post where I wrote about it.


Also, my cat seems depressed that Keely is gone.  I’ve gone out of my way to rub her and be nice to her but she really misses Keely.  I know that because she has a cold and messed up eye AGAIN and my vet told me that when cat’s get stressed they develop these symptoms.  Stress can be in the form of change.  Poor Butterscotch.


Boy, is this a boring post.  What if I become totally boring now? OH MY GOD! What if that happens?  Well, I suspect it’s just this yucky day and that’ll never happen.


Well, I gotta go yell at Tucker who is licking his ass compulsively.  That drives me crazy which I can ill afford.


See ya!

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  1. Elizabeth
    February 1, 2013

    We’ve had insane weather as well. One day, it was around 65 in the afternoon, then plummeted to the 20s in the evening. We had tornado weather a few days ago. The global thermostat needs to make up its mind.

  2. Julie
    February 1, 2013

    This winter in Chicago will be one for the books. Last week it hit 67 and today it is 2 with a wind chill of -25. It is beyond booger freezing cold out there.

    • Lynn
      February 1, 2013

      I can’t even imagine that

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