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In which it’s July 4th aka Independence Day


It’s July 4th 2012.  I just thought I’d let you know.  Because I suck and because I’m behind on posts I figured that I’d just go steal last years July 4th post but ya know what?  I didn’t even write a post about Independence Day last year.


I published a post but it wasn’t about Independence Day.  Today I decided to rectify that.  When I was growing up we would go to the pool and it would be about celebration and relays and wrestling with a greased watermelon but most of all, it was about family.


It was the same for Kevin and I when we had kids.  We would get to the pool fairly early to claim some chairs (after all, it got VERY crowded later on) and then we would chill.  There were always family relays and we were usually the winners.  Keely and Andie were year round swimmers as was I so we always did fairly well.  There was the coin toss (and the beer toss … not to be missed!)  There was a DJ and a balloon guy, cotton candy and snow cones and popcorn.


In short, it was a very fun family-filled day, which always ended in a gigantic cookout.  The kids had fun and Kevin and I had fun.  It was a good time to catch up with people we rarely saw.  The capper was driving to find the best spot to watch fireworks.  I love fireworks and always have.


The key to good firework watching is finding a space that you can see the fireworks in grand fashion and yet, still extricate yourself from the traffic later. After all, nothing ruins a great fireworks display then a kid dying to pee and then you’re stuck in traffic.


This 4th of July, we are no longer members of the pool and I doubt we’ll go hunting for fireworks what with Keely and all but the one thing we will do; the one thing we ALWAYS do is watch Independence Day on TV.


We love that movie … not just Will Smith but Bill Pullman and the speech.  “We won’t go quietly into the night.  We will not go down without a fight” is one of the greatest movie speeches ever.  Right up there with Henry V and Aragorn before attacking Mordor!


So, that’s what Independence Day is for me.  How about you?

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  1. Faith.The Blond.
    July 4, 2012

    I will have one of the best seats in the area for the fireworks this year! My nicely air conditioned (it’s gonna be close to 100 degrees out!) Kitchen. If I *really* get adventurous I will step out onto my back deck lol

    This year it’s rough for me for the 4th because my kids are visiting their father miles away for the summer, and we normally do the same thing your family did (except the swimming, we have a slip n slide). So this year it’s just me and my fur and fishy babies.

  2. Bruce
    July 4, 2012

    For me and my family, it is a great time to have fun. After all, that is the simplest way we can honor the people who are behind the independence we enjoy today.
    Bruce recently books rock musicMy Profile

  3. Dylan Lin Calista
    July 4, 2012

    We don’t celebrate 4th of July where I’m from but when I get together with my American mates, I do. We normally just have dinner and drinks – the usual gathering with friends.

    We’re more big on Christmas and New Year’s. That’s when we all get smashed and shit faced, haha. (Well, I sit in the side lines and take photos of people who get shit faced so I can use them for black mail later on, LOL)

    Happy 4th of July!!!
    Dylan Lin Calista recently posted..Sick With No Job And No MoneyMy Profile

  4. Jester Queen
    July 4, 2012

    Honestly? It is a day to have to manage my kids who are suddenly off a schedule. They do so much better with than without one. Also, I hate fireworks. So I kind of suck at the 4th. And 3rd. And 2nd. And 5th, 6th, 7,th and 8th, while all the drunken yahoos shoot them off. But I do LOVE that film.

  5. Julie
    July 4, 2012

    We are deep into 4th tradition here in the beautiful ‘burbs. The day begins with pancakes in the park (sponsored by local businesses and served by the boy and girl scouts) and then the annual police department vs the fire department softball game. Then we have just enough time to go home, pack the cooler and head to the parade (last year it lasted for 2 hours, it’s a blast). Cap the day and my girlfriends house for a bbq and perfect location to watch the fireworks in the comfort of her back yard. Doesn’t that sound divine?? Not happening this year. TOO. DAMN. HOT. Air temps in the triple digits and I’m OUT. Air conditioning or the pool are the ONLY options. My ass will be in the pool all day then off to the bbq and fireworks. Some traditions will remain ~ I will pack the cooler loaded with vodka lemon-aids and take it to the pool where we will consume them in traveling Starbucks cups so no will know we are breaking the rules.

  6. Brad Procton
    July 4, 2012

    Its always about the tradition. Even with one kid away from home. I get to come down to the Beach and relive some great times with the other one for another summer. I don’t know how much longer this will last, but it’s all about carrying on the tradition. Get up, get out and get the Fireworks that a bunch of the dads blow off each year. The food before hand. The party after as we sit with friends and watch the beach celebrations go on until late.

    Most of all it’s about family and friends.. The chance to catch up and celebrate all the good things we share together. Great music and food. A drink with friends and the chance to sit back and be thankful for all we have. It’s the All American Holiday! And about those Greased Watermelons…………..well we almost always won that relay at the pool…………Happy Fourth of July to all!

  7. Penna Confidence
    July 7, 2012

    Happy Belated Independence Day :) Cheers to Peace and Freedom… Had a fun-filled day wid family.. Fireworks around the market place were breath-taking…
    Penna Confidence recently posted..Why the weathermen shouldn’t be blamed for incorrect predictions?My Profile

  8. Marcheline
    July 7, 2012

    I got to see one soggy firework go off over the highway as I drove home from work at 11PM. Woo-effin-hoo.

  9. Larisa Levitt
    July 9, 2012

    Happy Belated Independence Day. It is the day to celebrate freedom and peace of our country. I really treasure this Independence Day.
    Larisa Levitt recently posted..Lose Weight with Cayenne PepperMy Profile

  10. Valerie Taylor
    July 16, 2012

    Firework is perfect this Independence Day since it shows happiness and signifies bright future for everyone. It is really great watching fireworks during Independence Day.
    Valerie Taylor recently posted..Benefits of Losing Weight with Caralluma ActivesMy Profile

    July 20, 2012

    Last July 4th I brought my kids to the beach. We spent Independence day at the beach. My kids were enjoying swimming on the white sand, pristine clean water of the beach. We had a great time relaxing with my whole family. recently posted..Benefits of having a Good Night’s SleepMy Profile

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