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In which it’s morning time


I’m sitting here on a Monday morning with busted glasses attempting to see the computer screen to write this post. Want to know what happened?


Rose happened. Who is Rose? Rose is my 4 year-old niece who Kevin and I took care of for a bit of time this weekend. It was both easier and more difficult than I anticipated.


You see my brother Bruce and his wife Tessa were going out of town for the weekend and they obviously weren’t taking their daughter. Instead they got a sitter for Friday night (correctly surmising that Kevin and I would NOT survive an entire weekend) and we were taking her Saturday night.


I assured them that one 4 year-old would not be the death of Kevin and myself and as it turns out, I was correct. We picked her up on Saturday afternoon around 4:00 PM and I had forgotten how very many funny things come out of a little kids mouth. Just the way they say things cracks me up.


For example, she was in the back in her car seat and we were driving along and she said “well that’s interesting. I need to try that again.” Which made me wonder a) what could possibly be so interesting in the back seat of the car and b) what the hell is she doing?


Kevin and I looked back there and she was just sitting there and we never did find out what was so intriguing back there although I am a bit curious.


Andie had come home to stay the night on Friday and thankfully decided to stay over on Saturday too. I say thankfully because I figured that Rose could sleep upstairs in Keely’s room but for some reason she was hell bent on sleeping in our room.


She had a brand new sleeping bag (I was a big jealous cuz it was so cool) and she was going to sleep with us! I explained that Andie would be next door and Keely’s bed was the best in the house and after getting up twice and saying she was hungry we went back into her room.


She informed me she was “sad” because her mommy and daddy weren’t there and she wanted to go home (she’s never spent the night out before without her parents) but I got her talking about fairies and I rubbed her back and she fell asleep. Yup, I’m awesome like that.


Meanwhile I had been warned that she woke up “early” and I had told her that Andie was next door and that we were downstairs and she should get us when she woke up.


Shockingly (not), I slept terrible and woke up every time I heard a noise. At 6:45 Rose and Andie came into the room and announced that it was “morning time.” I asked Andie how she came to be with Rose and here’s what she said:


I was sleeping and I heard a door open and Rose said loudly “Aunt Lynn, Uncle Kevin, Andie: it’s morning time” and then she walked to another door and opened it and said “Aunt Lynn, Uncle Kevin, Andie: it’s morning time” and she kept opening doors and saying this.

So I went out the door and said “Rose, what are you doing?” and she said “Aunt Lynn and Uncle Kevin won’t wake up” and I said “I doubt that they can hear you” and so I walked her downstairs.


As you can imagine this cracked me up because our room is at the other end of the house AND downstairs AND we sleep with a fan just so we don’t hear any noise. Poor Andie but still, when Rose came down and announced it was “morning time” I got up and made her pancakes and I let Kevin sleep in because after all, Sunday was sure to be a big day!!!


Saturday involved swimming (twice) in freezing water and lots of movies and games and toys and accidentally breaking my glasses by kneeing me in the face. Oh well!


For the most part it was great but the last time I had a 4 year-old I was 39 years old and now I’m almost 55 so I can’t say that I need to go back.


Nonetheless, love ya Rose!!! And thanks for explaining “morning time” to me!

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  1. Tessa
    June 10, 2014

    BEST aunt EVER!

    • Lynn
      June 11, 2014


  2. Julie
    June 10, 2014

    Ah, nothing like a good knee to the face!

    • Lynn
      June 11, 2014

      true true

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