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In which it’s October 17th aka Keely’s Birthday


Well, it’s that time of year again. The celebration begins for the child who turned me into the mother.  Rather than do some sappy post I thought I’d just update the top 10 (or so) reasons that Keely Rae MacDonald is the best.  This isn’t a complete list of all the things I love about her, but you get the picture!  Enjoy!

  • She can tell the same story multiple times, and yet, each time the story gets a little bit funnier and you never get tired of hearing about it!

  • Keely can hurt herself while sitting perfectly still!  She’s broken her arm 8 times.

  • While being robbed at gunpoint, she was more concerned about her frozen yogurt melting than about actually getting shot.

  • She can’t tell the difference between and Odometer and a Tachometer.

  • She’s never met a stranger!  People are drawn to her.

  • Keely is a loyal friend … don’t mess with anybody she loves or you will definitely hear about it.

  • She talks louder on the phone … and the rest of the time as well, than any other human on earth.

  • Keely is a cat.

  • If you need to be rushed to an emergency room, history has proven that Keely is your girl!

  • Even though Keely talks all the time, she is an incredibly good listener to her friends.

  • Keely tries hard to be the best … whether it is academics, swimming or even friendship.

  • Keely is an incredible daughter and sister:  loving and supportive.

  • Keely’s typical answer to a joke:  “I don’t get it!”

  • If you haven’t appeared in one of Keely’s photo albums, you don’t exist!

  • She can refer to the ink in a marker as “marker juice”

  • She can turn people into “Froyo” converts faster than you can imagine

  • She can still be very present in your life even when 3000 miles away

  • Keely can scold you over text … it’s almost impressive




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