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In which it’s probably a crime


Ambient light is the bane of my existence. It’s everywhere: the clocks, the alarm system, even my electric toothbrush seems to put off a spotlight.


A few weeks ago, when Kevin and I were traveling back from Arizona, we stayed at a Hampton Inn and there was the worst case of all. Seriously, we were at the Hampton Inn in Phoenix and it was a really nice room.


There was the bed portion and then a half wall that divided that from a desk and a mini bar and a nice chair. I love Hampton Inn’s and this was a particularly nice room.


So Kevin and I got in bed and guess what? Above us was the fire alarm. It had a gigantic spotlight on it.


I couldn’t believe that out of the entire room they would mount an alarm directly over the bed. Not only directly over the bed but directly over MY SIDE of the bed.


I told Kevin that “that was never going to work” and that “we needed duck tape or a Band Aid.” I, of course, had neither.


Kevin responded that he did “have a Band Aid.” So he got out of bed and located the Band Aid and then stood on the bed (he’s 6’ 5”) and covered the light with the Band Aid.


I then informed him that he was probably going to get arrested because I’m sure that tampering with a fire alarm is a federal crime. Nonetheless, sleeping is much more important that dying in a fire so it stayed where it was.


It also worked! That just confirmed what I already knew which was that I’m basically MacGyver (is that how you spell his name?)


I know, I know that you’re thinking “but didn’t Kevin fix it?” and yes, he did but it certainly was MY IDEA! Why would I carry Band Aids around? Actually, I bet I did have a band aid somewhere but locating shit is hard y’all!


Anyways, we slept fine and then the next morning we debated whether we should take it down or not but I felt that we should because if we got in trouble I was most definitely making him go down for the crime. After all, I can’t reach the ceiling.


We’re brilliant huh???




Take care and feel free to use this useful trick!

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  1. melissa
    May 20, 2015

    I’m the same way… we have a post-it over the peephole on the front door, because the 24/7 light from the common hallway shines in, travels all the way down the hall into the bedroom and actually keeps me up. smh

    • Lynn
      May 22, 2015

      hahaha…thats so crazy!

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