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In which it’s quite boring right now


You would think that with ALL THREE kids around I would have a LOT to report on but mostly BECAUSE I have ALL THREE kids around I seriously can’t remember anything.  Except apparently my SAT scores. (That’s because someone sent out a tweet saying, “who cares about SAT scores because in 20 years nobody remembers them anyhow and I DO remember mine)  Speaking of SAT scores, mine are basically the lowest in the family (actually, Kevin’s might have been lower).  Also, I was a math major at Johns Hopkins University and I’m the worst mathematician in the family.  I’m not sure why I bothered to get an education.  I certainly don’t use it and I can’t remember most of it.


At any rate, I feel like the bulk of the last week has been spent picking up shoes, bags and sweatshirts.  “MAKE YOUR KIDS PICK THEM UP LYNN!” is what I’m told but the fact of the matter is that I’m compulsive and the mess gets on my nerves WAY before it gets on anybody else’s nerves therefore I always pick them up.


So what I’ve noticed is that this is a really slow blog week.  It makes sense because everyone is running around like a chicken with their head cut off doing Christmas and Chanukah shopping but its SUCH a huge difference.  Well, either that or I’ve started sucking lately, which is entirely possibly.


Last year at this time I was completely obsessed with the blog and the stats.  This year, I spend half of my time just convincing myself to stay the course.  Normally I’m a ton of posts ahead but this week I almost ran out and I would say that’s no big deal but I really wasn’t in the mood to write.


So this week, the week between Christmas and New Years could be quite boring.  Mostly because I think I’m quite boring lately and also because Kevin is going to have surgery on Wednesday.  It’s really about time because he had an MRI on both shoulders and they’re both messed up so he’s going to get them taken care of one at a time.


Of course, he was bitching how he “didn’t have time” to get them fixed but it’s not like they’re going to fix themselves right?  (I did however, offer to get my Dremel tool out and fix it myself but he said NO for some reason) Also, Keely will be having her major surgery in May or June and I could really use a husband with two arms to help.  So, NOW, on top of having to be nice next summer I’m going to have to be nice this week!!  OH NOES!  Quite a challenge actually.


But let’s look at all the positive stuff that happened this year, ok?


I made it one year on my blog

Keely’s reoccurrence wasn’t as bad as it could have been

Andie is kicking ass in pre-med at Duke

Daniel actually applied to college

Tucker did NOT die after threatening to all year

My cat did NOT eat string for the third time so she’s also alive

Andie kept two goldfish alive as well

I finally got the damn leak in the ceiling fixed

Keely is halfway through her senior year at Duke

While the economy sucks, our company is still afloat

I learned that I really, really enjoy drinking vodka

BlogHer was hella fun

I’ve made lots of new friends

I started painting again

I started sculpting again

I decided to get in shape (this is not working however)

I had great fun in California

I had an awesome time in London

My family seems happy

I tried standup

I stayed up while trying standup

I decided standup was not for me

I switched from Time Warner to AT&T (this is still under review)

I realized that there MUST be SOMETHING about blogging that I like cuz I’m still here


OK, that’s pretty much it!  I don’t know how many comments I’ll respond to because of the whole Kevin/shoulder/surgery thing but have a great day!!



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  1. Julie
    December 28, 2011

    Thinking positive thoughts for Kevin’s surgery.

    • Lynn
      December 28, 2011

      Why thank you! After 4 knee surgeries I’m psyched that this is a shoulder

  2. frank anderson
    December 28, 2011

    Hi Lynn–sounds like things are going pretty well for you. Hope Kevin’s surgery goes well. I enjoy your soul searching muses…we all have ups and downs. Good luck in the New Year!

    • Lynn
      December 28, 2011

      Why thank you

  3. Pamela D Hart
    December 28, 2011

    Lynn, I hope all goes well with Kevin’s surgery! I have a feeling it won’t be “boring” around your house once he’s on the mend (men can be such babies when they’re sick/healing–they should have a baby or two or three). I’ll be sending YOU positive vibes to get through it all!
    Pamela D Hart recently posted..Grant MeMy Profile

    • Lynn
      December 28, 2011

      Thanks…I’m going to make my kids hang out with him.. I mean, they’re home right??

  4. Mrs Woog
    December 28, 2011

    Just spent the past hour reading your blog and I am so pleased to have found you. I was at Blogher as well (From Sydney… keen much?) and I look forward to stalking you from afar in 2012. You are a funny lady xx
    Mrs Woog recently posted..2011 was so last season…..My Profile

    • Lynn
      December 28, 2011

      Wow!!!! Thank you…always fun to get to know you peeps down under!!!! Wish I had met you at BlogHer last year

  5. Jenna Ochoa
    December 29, 2011

    Hope all goes well with Kevin’s surgery! I’m sure you will have all kinds of good blog material as he recovers – as Pamela said above about men being sick. And he’ll be driving you up the freakin’ wall, because that’s what men do when they are sick and you’ll need to rant about it to us. And it will be awesome. For us. Probably not so much for you. Be sure to stock up on vodka.

  6. Alaina
    December 30, 2011

    You could possibly be depressed. Not all depression is due to environmental factors such as despair about lack of money, worry about the future or other factors. Depression can be due to a chemical imbalance and can possibly be treated. Visit your GP for a chat.
    If you are bored you need to find something interesting to keep you busy and act as a distraction.
    Think of creative things to do with the kids like painting, playing games, making jigsaws, growing things or simple gardening outside if you have a garden
    Try if possible to get out of the house. A house can be like a prison. Being out in the sun makes you feel good. Play with the kids, bring them to the playground, try to make friends with other mothers.
    Alaina recently posted..Dating Tips for MenMy Profile

  7. Gwendolyn Francis
    December 30, 2011

    I think that’s a pretty damn impressive list! BTW, I still remember my SAT scores b/c they were horrifying. Congrats on hitting one year! I’m still on the “one week at a time” plan. Maybe I’ll even get a sponsor and a chip at some point. And your kids are going to Duke! I can only say my dog passed the Canine Good Citizen’s test. (Wanna see his diploma?) Happy holidays and New Year!

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