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In which it’s raining … again


Well, shockingly enough it’s raining AGAIN and it’s supposed to turn to snow, which wouldn’t be so weird if I didn’t live in North Carolina HOWEVER I do live in North Carolina so I’m over it.


You guys don’t understand.  You know how it made national news when it rained in LA and nobody could drive? Well here nobody can drive in snow or sleet so basically everything grinds to a halt.  There’s a run on milk and bread at the store and then people hunker down.  It’s ridiculous but true.


What I really, really hate is when I have to buy milk and orange juice on the same day there’s a weather forecast for snow because then it looks like I’m one of THOSE people and not just having a day where Kevin wakes up and says “hey, we need milk and orange juice.” I feel like I need a disclaimer.


In other news, the fish tank is dirty and Andie has announced that the fish now “freak her out” with their size and “where did her cute little fish go” and therefore I must ask “does anyone want any huge goldfish with awesome names.”


It’s not like they’re a pain in the ass (although they are); it’s just that it’s a hassle when I travel because they certainly can’t go to the vets ya know?


Beyond that, Kevin has given me some tasks to do, which I always refer to as “THE LIST” because very frankly, they’re always boring and annoying.  In this case I have to call a bunch of fencing companies to see if they want to buy some boards from my neighborhood because we have too many.  Yeah, isn’t that crazy? We’ve been storing them (apparently) in somebodies garage but that guy is selling their house and now somehow, it’s MY job.  Jeez…this is exactly the type of crap that I hate.


Well, basically everything is the type of crap that I hate but this is certainly annoying.  Beyond that, I had some bank fraud (I mean, I didn’t commit it … it just happened to us) and now I have a ton of forms to fill out.  Are you aware that forms suck? I hate filling them out and I have awful handwriting.


There’s also the impeding doom, which is taxes (yuck), paperwork (yuck), insurance (ummm…I’m actually a bit caught up on that) and other assorted bullshit.  Can’t people just realize that I just wanna read and do puzzles and doodle and paint and play on my ipad? Guess not.


So, it’s raining today and I guess I’ll get some shit done because it’s so nasty and I don’t wanna go out anyways.  Hope it’s not too shitty where you are but it’s probably worse because I saw the weather forecast.


When’s it gonna be spring????

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One Comment

  1. Julie
    March 4, 2014

    I’m on my first vacation (even though it’s because my mom fell, broke her wrist, had surgery and needs help) in 5 years ~ that is NOT a typo ~ and this post is killing my warm, sunny groove. I’ll back to endless shit I don’t want to do and shitty weather TOO SOON!!

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