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In which it’s the summer of Andie and mommy

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Andie has declared this summer as “the summer of Andie and mommy” and she informed Kevin of this last night.  Kevin, of course, also lives here and we pointed out that he could participate in the “summer of Andie and mommy” when he was around but lets face it, he spends a fair amount of time at work.


How did this come about you may wonder?  Well, last summer Keely was around all summer (Daniel was as well but apparently that doesn’t count) and Andie was gone all summer.  In fact, Andie hasn’t been home during a summer since high school and that was four years ago.  Keely, as you know, was around because she had a tumor surgery, a femoral bypass and then a Pulmonary Embolism.  I couldn’t get rid of the kid and she was actually on crutches all summer.


Nonetheless Andie saw that I spent much of my time with Keely (I think Daniel was doing some work and spent much time killing people on Xbox and winning at FIFA on Xbox) and decided that THIS summer would be our summer HENCE “the summer of Andie and mommy.”


I wasn’t too sure how this would go as Andie is incredibly moody but she was only around a week and then she went to see Keely in Los Angeles.  She got home the other day and informed me that I was the only person she knew in town and she would probably be bored which I think is a crappy attitude when you’re just beginning TSOAAM (like that acronym?)


Yesterday, we were sitting on the couch figuring out how our summer was going to go when we saw these two birds on the back porch.  They were flying back and forth and kept landing on this post and having conversations.


Because we’re obsessed with Gone with the Wind and spend much time speaking in our “southern plantation” voices I asked Andie if she knew what those birds were saying to each other:


Me:                  what do you think that bird is saying to the other bird?


Andie:             I have no idea


Me:                  I’m pretty sure he’s saying “quitting time” and then the other bird got mad and said “I’m supposed to say it’s quitting time”


(Aside here: if you don’t know GwtW you will have no clue what I’m talking about and WHY HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN GONE WITH THE WIND?)


Andie:             pretty sure they’re not saying that


Me:                  sure they are. Look! That bird got pissed and flew away


And then we both agreed that Gone with the Wind was most excellent and perhaps the SOAAM would be excellent as well because we could speak in southern accents and have stupid conversations all at the same time.


Then Andie pointed out that birds have the most advanced respiratory systems of all animals (maybe it’s all species, I’ll try to clear this up) because they have oxygen flow through their lungs on both the inhale AND exhale.


NOTE TO READER: Andie knows more obscure facts than anyone I know.


I asked why and she said it was because flying is so difficult and requires a lot of oxygen and so does flying in the altitude.


I then realized that I should start flying as a way to burn calories but she told me that was impractical and that was the end of the conversation while we pondered birds.


I know, after this conversation, that you too are excited about “the summer of Andie and mommy” and I’m sure we’ll have lots of good conversations.


Psych right?

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