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In which it’s well-centered

Yesterday I had a very funny day.  Well, the point of the day wasn’t very funny because I was actually going to a funeral a few hours away BUT the road trip itself was extremely funny and I am going to tell you about it.  One of Keely’s best friends, whose mother is also a friend of mine, had her grandmother die.  Well, SHE didn’t have her grandmother die but unfortunately, her grandmother did die. The funeral wasn’t in Greensboro but in a small town in eastern North Carolina called Dunn.


Now, I’ve never been to Dunn before. In fact, I don’t even think I’ve driven down that particular road before and I certainly haven’t been to that part of North Carolina.  After all, it’s a fairly large state stretching from the mountains to the Outer Banks.


So we’re driving down to Dunn and the major players were Keely, her friend Lizzie (also Anne’s friend) and myself.  I was driving.  As we were continuing down the road we happened upon Sanford, North Carolina.  I’ve never been to Sanford before but as we entered we glanced at the “welcome to Sanford” sign and underneath was the town slogan.


You know how you get to a city and they have a slogan? Like “The Big Apple” or the “city of brotherly love” or some other such thing?  Well, the slogan on Sanford’s sign said “well-centered.”


Of course we cracked up.  What kind of slogan is that? Well-centered?


Keely:                         Imagine this. Can you come up with a descriptive slogan?

Town of Sanford:      how many words?

Keely:                         Just one

Town of Sanford:      can it be hyphenated?

Keely:                                     ummm…I suppose

Town of Sanford:      how about “well-centered?”


I assume they meant that they were in the middle of the state but I was discussing it later with Tom (Anne’s father) and he said that the first time he saw the slogan he thought it meant that the people were “well-centered” like in they had it all together.


Here was our conversation:


Tom:               I originally thought, “Wow, these people have it together. They’re well-centered!”

Me:                  That’s so funny.  They would be better off saying “Sanford, we have our shit together”

Tom:               hahaha … can you imagine?

Me:                  … or “Sanford, not even a little fucked up”

Tom:               yeah, I’m not sure how that would look on a water tower

Me:                  the funny thing is that it was about being in the middle of the state, which is ridiculous

Merrill:           (Anne’s sister) Why?

Me:                  because North Carolina has beautiful beaches and the Blue Ridge Parkway and basically being well-centered means that you’re in the middle of nowhere between them all

Tom:               I never thought of it that way

So that was amusing.  Another town we went through had a sign that said “Lillington heart of Hartnett” and all we could think of it “what the hell is Hartnett?” so I think North Carolina town’s have a little work to do with their town slogans.


It reminds me of the time we were driving though Massachusetts and we were between towns and there was a sign that said, “thickly settled” which was hilarious.  Who describes people density that way?  We laugh about that sign all the time and now, thanks to this road trip, we have something else to laugh about.


Just thought I’d share this little story with you.  Don’t like it? Tough shit. Go read a different blog.

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  1. Julie
    November 9, 2012

    I happen to live in “The Speed Skating Capital of the World” unless they’ve changed it. Our other claim to fame was having John Hughes an alum of the high school. Our water tower is the one that said “Save Ferris” in his famous day off movie. Impressive, huh?

  2. Jester Queen
    November 9, 2012

    Ugh. Yeah. I live in the town whose motto is “cradle of the Confederacy; birthplace of the civil rights movement”

  3. By Word of Mouth Musings
    November 9, 2012

    So Boca Raton is really Rats Mouth – but a slogan, not so sure.
    Probably ‘beach and botox’
    By Word of Mouth Musings recently posted..What is a blog? Or Breathe? I couldn’t decide … it is that kind of life …My Profile

  4. Jane Ryan
    November 9, 2012

    Sooo…I am from Rhode Island which is surrounded on 2 sides by Massachusetts.
    When I first ventured into Massachusetts as a new driver I noticed these signs “Thickly Settled” as I sped through the back roads.
    A few days later I thought to ask what the signs meant — it is meant to slow you down to under 25 miles per hour … so I guess they think only Massachusetts trained drivers use the back roads, and the rest of us are fair game for speeding tickets and yes I got one.

  5. Wendy Roberts
    November 10, 2012

    I love the idea of city slogans. I don’t think mine has one. If my house had one it would be “abandon all sanity at the door” since I’m ruled by 4 teens and an unruly terrier.

    • Lynn
      November 12, 2012

      wow! hahaha..sounds like chaos

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