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In which i’ve accomplished nothing


I’ve literally accomplished virtually nothing today but not for lack of trying. You see I got home from Maine yesterday and Kevin had made me a very long list of “to do” items that needed to be accomplished today (Monday).


No problem I thought, I’ll just work out and get to it. Here’s an example:


Item #1: drop off a check at Hawthorne


No problemo! After my Pilates class I went and dropped off the check. Not only THAT but I filled up the car with gas AND went and got some groceries. Of course I didn’t have a list with me so I’m not sure if I got the stuff I needed.


Item #2: figure out what’s up with the telephones


Apparently the entire phone system stopped working when I was gone. Kevin called AT&T and they charge a million dollars if the problem is “in-house” wiring. I figured I’d do some simple tests to see if it was just the input form the modem box or if it was actually something wrong with the incoming phone line. Because I’m all awesome like that I unscrewed the outlet and it’s definitely the input from the modem box. I don’t think it goes system wide. I did notice that there are only two wires coming from this outlet and four from many of the others.


CONCLUSION: Call fucking AT&T


Item #3: In house vacuum beater basically caught on fire and melted. What to do?


So I checked it out online and a replacement part is crazy expensive and then I called the local dealer and the replacement part is crazy expensive BUT if I at least go there then I’ll get the correct part and maybe it’ll all work. OR I could get it fixed but it’s 12 years old and that seems like a bad idea. SOOOOO … I now have to drive somewhere and do that so I couldn’t check it off.


Item #4: fix the Shadow Box that I ordered


So I unpack it and get all ready to put Andie’s beer cap initials in it and it has a FUCKING piece of glass in it. I don’t want glass. I didn’t order glass. I call them up and they explain that there is a spacer in the box and I can remove all that and then take out the glass and yada, yada, yada and I tell them I’ve paid for the stupid box and they can fix the damn thing so I either return it or drive it to High Point or break the glass or kill myself because this really isn’t my day.


Item #5: I need to write a post


Actually I’m counting this thing as a post…don’t like it? Whatever


Item #6: other shit


I still have to make some reservations, and three other phone calls and do some paperwork and give the animals their medicine and ARGGHHHHHHHHH


That’s it basically. Bye

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One Comment

  1. Julie
    August 12, 2014

    I’m exhausted just reading about it.
    Go take a nap. You’ve earned it.

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