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In which Keely came home


People, people, people!  I’m so far behind on my posts and I’m really sorry.  It’s Saturday and I don’t even have a post for Monday and I truly have no excuse except … well, I always have an excuse.


First, Keely is HOME!!! Yeah, we just found out on Monday that she had Friday off so we decided to fly her home. She took the redeye on Wednesday night and got in on Thursday morning.  Tres exciting! (I don’t even know French…for all I know I spelled tres wrong!)


Of course, she didn’t sleep on the plane and was exhausted but predictably was full of stories.  Here’s the first one:


While she was sitting at the gate at LAX she was reading one of the three books she downloaded on her iPad and a guy struck up a conversation with her.  She tried to show she was reading but the guy was relentless. Eventually she gave up and started talking to the guy to be nice.  He was talking about the difference between California and North Carolina (the flight was going to Charlotte) and how green North Carolina was (especially this year because it won’t fucking stop raining!) and while they were boarding, he asked Keely what seat she was in.


She replied “13D” and he said “oh my god, I’m 13C and isn’t that a coincidence” and then Keely promptly died.  Actually, she didn’t but as they got on the plane, he was ahead of her.  He sat in “13D” and Keely said “hey, that’s my seat” and he said “well, they’re both the aisle so it doesn’t matter” and so Keely thought “whatever” and sat down in “13C.”


Along came this big guy and sat down in 13B and proceeded to hog the elbow rest the entire flight.  As Keely explained it “every time he moved I shoved my elbow on the elbow rest or else he was practically elbowing me in my boob.”


As Kevin and I cracked up she continued “I started getting really hot and I wanted to put on the air but I knew if I moved my elbow he would take the rest and I couldn’t reach it with my other arm.”  We asked what she did and she said, “eventually, I was so hot I had to reach up and put on the air and then the elbow rest was immediately gone.”


We died!  Only Keely could have all these funny stories from a redeye.  So apparently, it was elbow wars that kept her awake.  Anyways, she got home and we’ve been having a most enjoyable weekend.


Even the sun came out for her and I actually got a bit sunburnt on Thursday aka July 4th aka Independence Day.


I shall endeavor to tell more stories later but now I have the entire family home and it is quite exciting.  Well, except for the mess.  Boy having all these people in my house in messy!

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  1. Ashley
    July 10, 2013

    Ha! These are stories to record. Excellent screenplay fodder, no? Though, for the record, I would have made the other dude move. Or at least buy me a drink.

    • Lynn
      July 10, 2013

      yeah, Keely has no lack of screenplay fodder…how are you doing??

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