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In which keely doesn’t really “know” the city

Continuing on the amusing anecdotes for “Keely week,” I will now regale you with a travel story. Here’s the set-up: Keely was in 11th grade and Andie was in 10th grade (I know, I know, family planning at it’s finest!) and the three of us headed up to Boston for a weekend of checking out colleges. The plan was to go to Brown University in Providence on Thursday and then head up to Boston to look at Harvard, Tufts, and Boston College on Friday and Saturday. We flew up to Logan Airport and I had rented a car from Hertz and we were good to go.

Since I had no clue how to get anywhere, I paid extra for Hertz Neverlost, their patented GPS system. I’m driving and Keely’s riding shotgun so she’s in charge of programming the GPS system.

Me:          “Keely, plug in Brown University so I know how to get out of here.”

Keely:       “It’s asking the state. I’m putting in Massachusetts.”

Me:           “No Keely, we’re going to Rhode Island first.”

Keely:       “Ok, it’s asking do you know the state and I’m putting in Rhode Island.”

Me:            (glancing over) “ … ok what are you doing now?”

Keely:        “Putting in ‘no’ ”

Me:            “’No’ to what?”

Keely:         “it says do you know the city and I’m putting in no”

Me:            “You do know the city, it’s Providence”

Keely:        “Yeah, but we don’t really ‘know’ the city”

Me:            “What? The city is Providence.”

Keely:        “Yeah, I know that but we don’t really know the city.”

Me:           “Keely, the CITY IS PROVIDENCE”

Keely:       “Yeah, but like when I get directions in Greensboro, I really know the city”

By now Andie and I are dying of laughter because Keely keeps answering “no” like if she knew the city (Providence) the directions would be “Keely, go to that Dunkin Doughuts at the top of the hill and make a right.” It was unbelievable. I could not stop laughing and thought I might actually die in the car. After about 10 minutes I told Keely, “just put in Providence and when they ask the street put in Thayer Street so we can actually get the hell out of Logan Airport and head towards Rhode Island.”

So there you are: life with Keely. And next time you get asked, “do you know the city?” I want you to think really hard “Do you KNOW the city or just the name of it?”

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  1. Carla E. Knight
    October 20, 2010

    I've lived here since December of 1980 and I still don't "know" Greensboro.

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