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In which Keely moves – Part Five

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DAY 5 Sunday


On Sunday I once again woke up incredibly early, so early in fact that I decided to go to Home Depot at 7 AM to get the wood to fix the headboard. I UBER there and back, have some 2×4’s cut, buy some nails and go back to the hotel all before 8:30 AM when Keely and I were doing a Soul cycle class. We did the class and I “died” and Keely proclaimed it “easy” and I had cancelled the bed but of course, they didn’t get the message so we raced back to her apartment and there we had a new box spring.


All in all her bed is pretty comfy now. I also built a box so that her headboard was properly propped up! I’m amazing I know.


Did you guys know that Sunday was the Super Bowl? Did you also know that my husband is a fanatical Patriots fan? It’s all true so we were going to a Super Bowl party with the Sleepy Hollow writers, most of which were rooting for the Seahawks. I won’t go into all this but they are very funny people. The food and drinks were great and miraculously the Pats won! All in all a great day because I was mostly done with the trip although we were still short a dining table and EVERY SINGKE KITCHEN ITEM EVER!!


I can’t believe that I’ve been killing myself and there’s still so much to do. It’s crazy how much shit people have in an apartment.


On Monday Day 6, Keely and I go to the gym and then lo and behold our media center comes. FINALLY. The guy is feeling better and we hook everything up and I am thrilled that I can go home with a job well done. I cannot wait to get home. I mean I just want to go home!!!!


Keely and I go out to lunch and I tell her that they have a lot to buy still but I feel great about the place and then we go to the doctors office where I’m determined to get to the bottom of the situation.


We go into the room and the doctor opens up the abscess and fluid starts pouring out. Yes, it was gross. Even the doctor is all “WTF” and “yuck” and more importantly, “you have to have surgery tomorrow.” Yeah, you heard me SURGERY.


Now I just spent a billion dollars changing my ticked from Monday to Tuesday and now I need to delay again and go home on Wednesday. I called US Air customer service and for the FIRST TIME EVER they handled it because Keely was going under general anesthesia and what kind of mom just leaves right?? Then I called Kevin and told him I’m coming home Wednesday (which I am … I’m on the plane right now). I extend my hotel stay and wonder if I’m now a Californian since apparently I’m never leaving.


I also tell Keely we are going to Target to get plates, glasses and silver since she’s going to be recuperating and needs to be able to have a drink. I mean, it’s one thing to leave the job half done if the kid is well but I couldn’t do that with her sick and all now could I? COULD I?


So I won’t bore you with the rest. I’ve already been so wordy but Keely is doing ok (as of yesterday) the apartment looks great, Ali ordered a table and they still need stuff but that doesn’t sound like a Lynn problem to me.


What a crazy, unexpected and long week. Hope you enjoyed my recounting of it all. Now I’m pretty damn tired so leave me alone.

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  1. Sisters From Another Mister
    February 13, 2015

    And are you not heading to VT today?
    Goodness, you need sleep!
    Sisters From Another Mister recently posted..Valentine Gifts from a #wishfulwidowMy Profile

    • Lynn
      February 13, 2015

      Next Thursday

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