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In which Keely moves – Part Four

keelys place

Day 4 Saturday


Yeah, I totally crashed but I woke up at fucking 3:41! 3:41!!!! I kept drifting off to sleep a bit but not enough. Fucking alcohol. I’m never drinking again. Seriously, I mean it!


Meanwhile we have the shelf delivery and media unit delivery that day and still, no plates or anything in the apartment. I feel like I’m swimming upstream. I’m doing a bunch of work but getting nowhere.


So we run errands and then, no media unit; turns out the guy is still sick. Now they want to deliver on Monday but I’m gone on Monday. Also Ali starts work Monday but what can you do? Keely’s going to have to deal with it herself I suppose. Keep in mind that I mentioned a medical thing and that’s still ongoing. In other words Keely is still a bit sick and has an appointment on Monday but I’m not going to be here.


So no media unit but we do get the shelving unit, which looks amazing. Ali goes and does stuff on Saturday so it’s just Keely and myself. This is really the first time we’ve really hung together others then Wednesday night when she was sick since I got there. By the time we are finished her room is totally done.


Things packed away, shelves up and pictures hung. Even curtains, which I had no drill for, so I had to totally wing it. Keely tells me that whatever we did to the bed was great and her hip was excellent. Should I cancel the box spring? I haven’t paid for it? I decide to cancel it. Honestly I can’t even remember more about this day. They’ve all run together so let me explain the medical thing.




It’s Tuesday night at 2:30 AM and I’m still in North Carolina and Keely calls and asks if she can FaceTime me. I’m basically dead to the world because I have an early flight on Wednesday so I took a Xanax. She is standing in the shower bleeding out of a nasty abscess and she pans around and there’s blood everywhere and I’m like “Jesus Fucking Christ Keely” and she shows me that the abscess popped and she has ANOTHER one and what should she do?


I’m sorry; am I a doctor? Why does this shit always happen to this child???


I told her to call her doctor from her surgery last May and then she’s says “oh the second one popped too” and I say “wrap it in gauze” and she says “it’s all packed” and I said “wrap yourself in a towel, call the doctor and I don’t think you need to go to the ER and also I’ll be there tomorrow.”


We hang up, I freak out and attempt to go back to sleep. That’s how this trip started. Then I put up my status on FaceBook that “Keely has a medical emergency and that I’m on a plane” and everyone thinks I’m going because of the emergency but really, I was already going but … Semantics.


By the time I’ve gotten there she’s seen a PA and they’ve cleaned her up, put her in an antibiotic and made a doctors appointment for the next Monday.


Now you’re all caught up! So I’m leaving on Monday and the media center is coming on Monday and Keely has an appointment Monday and then she tells me Saturday that the abscess is hurting her and I change my ticket to Tuesday.


I mean, why would I leave and fly 3000 miles before we get to the bottom of this right??


To be continued …

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  1. Julie
    February 12, 2015

    You and I have something in common ~
    No one could make up the shit that is our reality. Friends of mine keep telling me to start a blog for that very reason.

    • Lynn
      February 13, 2015

      I kinda wish it wasn’t always so crazy

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