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In which Keely moves – Part one


I’m over Arizona flying back to North Carolina FINALLY and I haven’t really written a post in a week. That wasn’t my intent but I forgot my portable keyboard which makes typing so much easier and more importantly, I’ve been crazy busy.


Let’s start at the beginning.


Keely was moving to a new apartment, I think I already told you that. Since she had been living with another girl previously who owned a condo, the only furniture Keely has is a bed, nightstand and dresser. This time she is living with a girl who was just moving to LA.


I say just moving because indeed, she just landed on Thursday and was starting work on Monday. Anyways, back to the story.


I flew in Wednesday and got in around noon. The move was scheduled for Thursday and I had one task that needed to be done first. You see this apartment was quite small so I ordered a platform for a queen bed that had six drawers in it in hopes that we would be able to get all her stuff packed away. Her previous apartment was huge and her closet had been massive so storage hadn’t been an issue but now we would definitely need more storage.


So that’s simple right? I’m a competent person and I’ve built these sorts of things many times so I knew it’d be a bitch but I severely underestimated the task at hand.


First, there were no overhead lights in the room and while Keely had brought a lamp it wasn’t all that bright.


Second, the bed was supposed to come in three boxes and for some reason they delivered four, which I didn’t notice until, I’d mistakenly opened the wrong one. Apparently they also delivered a headboard, which had been intended for an entirely different apartment. Therefore there was a lot of confusion about what was what.


Third, I told Keely to make sure there were tools and there were but boy, I really could have used a power drill/screwdriver because as it turned out, there were a LOT of screws.


So I get there and I’m pretty damn tired because I had to get up early and oh yeah, Keely had a medical emergency (typical) the night before at 2:30 AM EST so obviously I didn’t get much sleep. That will have to be another post. Sorry people.


So I start dragging the stuff into the poorly lit bedroom and I’m working my ass off putting the thing together and Keely is at work but she’s feeling awful and eventually shows up at her apartment in the early afternoon.


I’ve mostly put together the bed but I’m really sore, my back is killing me, I haven’t eaten in about 10 hours, I’m getting carpal tunnel from the screwdriver and I still have six drawers to put together.


Did I mention that some of the cheap ass particleboard split and splintered? But no worries there because I’m like MacGyver and I can fix anything!


I move all the drawer stuff into Keely’s future roommates room (her name is Alessandra aka Ali) because she’s not landing until the next day at noon and her room is brighter. Keely is lying on the floor dying (medical emergency remember) and I put the first drawer together … Wrong. At this point I decide to give up and finish the drawers in the morning so Keely and I go back to her place where she was “packed.”


Except she wasn’t … packed that is. The place looked like an explosion and I killed myself. But I really didn’t because the movers were coming at 8:00 AM the next morning, she was dying and I don’t really do that sort of thing. So we packed some and then I just couldn’t take it anymore.


I was so tired and she was ill so we went and checked into the hotel and ordered room service for dinner.


I was so damn tired that we ate and I went to bed at 8:00 PM. What a helluva day!

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