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In which Keely moves – Part Three


Day 3: Friday


Once again, I was exhausted Thursday night so I went to bed at 8:00 PM and I fucking woke up at 4:00 AM again but didn’t get out of bed until 7:00. I went to the gym and attempted to work out but I was pretty damn tired and pretty damn sore.


Then I walked to Keely’s apartment and Keely and Ali were there. Keely was going into her last day of work for Sleepy Hollow Season 2 and Ali was going to Santa Monica to get her car. I was waiting on the AT&T guy and on the couch delivery. While these things were happening I attempted to calm the chaos that was Keely’s room. By lunch time we had a semblance of normality and the TV and all that was installed BUT the Media delivery guy had the flu and we had no media unit so there were a million wires all over the place and I could barely make sense of it all and I’m really good at all that.


Thank god the unit was coming Saturday because no way Keely could figure all this out without me!


Friday afternoon Ali and I go shopping again. Mission 1: find some shelving for Keely’s from because she has so many books and CDs and stuff. Mission 2: find a dining table. Mission 3: Did I mention that there are no plates, no glasses, no silverware, no pots and pans, and worst of all, NO LIGHTS!


We go to World Market because Ali loves it and it’s inexpensive. I know why now though. It’s because no humans actually work there so you can’t even buy anything. We wanted a lamp and some other stuff but after paging for help about 5 times we simply bought some pillows and moved on. I was completely stressing out by this point. I hate to shop and I certainly hate inefficient shopping!


BUT OFF TO THE CONTAINER STORE!! I was a bit suicidal before my bestie Ali and I got there. After the World Market experience I thought I’d die but someone in the Container Store asked what I was looking for and I explained what I needed and basically: personal shopper. By now I probably would have sold my first born to buy what I needed. Price was becoming a moot point as I approached my shopping maximum. Of course if I had sold my first-born I wouldn’t be shopping now would I huh?


So I got lots of storage stuff and shelving to be delivered SATURDAY. We went home and I organized Keely’s bathroom, which she has been having a hard time dealing with since there was no storage in it and Keely likes to buy 50-gallon drums of Listerine and stuff.


Also, important fact here!!!! Keely says to me Friday morning “is there something different about my bed because my hip is killing me?” OH SHIT!! Remember we tossed the box spring? Now the bed is too hard. FUCK!!! We are talking about the most expensive hip in the land (well at least in my family)


So I’m also researching low profile box springs that are normal size so they’ll fit! Also, I forgot to tell you this. After we tossed the box spring there was no way to put the headboard on so I figured I’d need to build some sort of support system to keep it off the ground. The thing is that the electrical outlet was back there so I’d need to avoid that too. This trip was crazy!!!


So Keely finally gets off work and I order a low profile box spring to be delivered on Sunday before the Super Bowl. We then run to Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy a shitload of stuff including a Temperpedic mattress pad which costs a ton. Arggghhhh


By now I’m pretty tired and still on east coast time but we are having dinner with a bunch of Keely’s friends and also Ali. Three cosmos in I’m feeling substantially better. I could tell you all about the people and the dinner but I won’t, mostly because I’m getting a bit bored with this post. After dinner it was 11 and I’m so adult staying up that late but I totally crashed right after dinner!!!

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  1. Sisters From Another Mister
    February 10, 2015

    So glad she is all settled in, you are awesome!
    Also, this Sleepy Hollow gig should totally have afforded us a meeting with Ichabod .. because if one was ever going to consider the cougar route … that would be a worthy journey ;)
    Sisters From Another Mister recently posted..Is your fire burning?My Profile

    • Lynn
      February 10, 2015

      Hahahaha…I’ll get on that

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