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In which Keely was right … damn it

Damn.  I hate when Keely is right but she was and now I’m going to have to admit it.  Here’s what I’m talking about.


Just before Keely went up to Washington for her summer internship, she was staying at home.  Of course, one of Keely’s favorite subjects is how she is “unloved” and life isn’t “fair” to her at home.  Her take on the situation is that Andie is my favorite and that Daniel is Kevin’s favorite.


NOTE TO READERSonly have two children so there’s one child per parent or way more than 3 children so that all of them can feel unloved.


I have tried and tried and tried to convince her that we don’t actually love any of them but for some reason she doesn’t believe me.  Perhaps because one night at dinner Andie declared herself “the heart and soul” of the family and there’s just not that many good organs left to claim after such a bold statement.


But I digress … so Keely is unloved and the way she chose to make her case was with curfews.  She said that her curfew was 11:30 (not true by the way) in 11th grade and that Daniel didn’t have a curfew thus proving that life wasn’t fair and poor, poor Keely has had a terrible life… sort of like Cinderella but MUCH HARDER.


I called BULLSHIT because my curfews in high school were 11:30 in 10th grade, 12:30 in 11th grade and 1:00 in 12th grade.  I pointed out that there was absolutely no way that I made her curfew earlier than mine and trust me, my curfew is one of the few things that I remember well.


She told me that I couldn’t remember anything and of course, that pissed me off.  Then she said that it’s so much easier for Daniel than for her, which also pissed me off.  I then told her that the first child always has the rules set and then they seem to ease, ESPECIALLY IF THE KID IS A GOOD KID, so that really it was a testimonial to her good behavior that I was more chill about Daniel.


She didn’t see it that way and we got into a huge argument about curfews and freedom and yada, yada, yada because Keely could drive anybody crazy with her dogmatic arguments.


So, back to Keely being right.  Last night, Wednesday June 8th, was prom and in fact it was Daniels first prom.  The dance was 9-12 but there was a party afterwards that Daniel, his date and his friends were attending.  We had gone through all the requisite “Who’s driving?” and all that about danger and drinking and drinking and driving and drinking and drinking and all that and then I asked him when he would be home.


“Late,” he replied.


So Kevin and I had a great evening watching the Bruins win and the Red Sox win and basically it was a Boston Blitz, which is always nice.  And then we went to bed.  I woke up at 3:45 and thought “hmmm…Daniel never woke me up when he got home.”  My kids are ALWAYS supposed to let me know when they get home.


The more I thought about this the more anxious I became so I got up and went and checked and DANIEL WASN’T HOME YET!  WHAT. THE. FUCK?


It was 3:45 and Daniel wasn’t home yet?  Where the hell was he?  So I called him…no answer and then I texted him “where the hell are you?”


“On the way home” was the reply.


“I am not happy about this.  We’re going to have a conversation about TRUST” I texted back.


“I’m in the neighborhood” was his reply so I went back to bed and by now, Kevin was awake too.


Daniel came in a few minutes later and I said “are you kidding me with this time?” and he said, “I told you we would be out late!”


“We will talk about this tomorrow” I said.


So of course, after that Kevin was awake and I was awake and Kevin was pissed and started asking me stuff like “did he ever send out that email to …” and other assorted things to which I replied “are you serious? There’s no way I’m getting into this shit at 4:00 in the morning.”


Long story short, both Kevin and I were exhausted this morning when the alarm went off.  I’m sure Daniel is planning on sleeping late and yes, I realize that I’m describing a story about a Prom on a Wednesday night but that’s when the school my kids attended holds their prom.  It’s the last week of school before graduation, which is on Friday.


So now, NOW, I have to admit to Keely that she’s right.  I must be far slacker with Daniel because there’s no way I would have let the girls stroll in the house at 3:45, even on PROM.


Hmmm…now I’m wondering if she is indeed the least loved?  Could I be wrong about everything?


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  1. Katja Brown
    June 10, 2011

    I would like to be a little mouse in the corner when you have your conversation about TRUST with Daniel today. The way I see it, you made your expectations clear. However, I did not read that you gave Daniel a reminder about the curfew.

    • Lynn
      June 10, 2011

      i didn’t give him a curfew at all. He said LATE and i assumed that was around 2-2:30. We have since discussed that and next time there will be a clear time set.

      • Katja Brown
        June 10, 2011

        Well, if Daniel does not have a curfew than I have to side with Keely (btw, you should ride a blog about how you came up with that name).

  2. Suzy
    June 10, 2011

    You saw my twitter stream with everyone tweeting that the boys in their family could do no wrong while the girls always got into trouble, or were summarily dismissed for a variety of ills.
    There are 2 girls in our family and both my parents favored her because she was no trouble while I was enough trouble for 2. My mom insists we were both good kids but I never remember my sister getting yelled at for ANYTHING.
    Suzy recently posted..Im Not A Beige PersonMy Profile

    • Lynn
      June 10, 2011

      yeah…my grandmother definitely favored my aunt over my mom but i don’t think that i necessarily favor one kid over the other. Andie is easier for me because shes so much like me. Keely just challenges every damn thing i say so i end up pissed all the time. I assume she’ll eventually stop that.

      I actually have a great relationship with both the girls…

  3. Jenn
    June 10, 2011

    Well my guys are only 3.5 and 1.5 so curfew is no something I am currently dealing with.

    That being said, I think that parents parent each child a bit differently because each child is a bit different. It is not about how much they love the child but about that child’s personality, maturity and birth order does make a bit of a difference because the oldest is sadly the one that all of the learning is done on.

    You might be able to tell from that last sentence that I was the oldest! I was different from my sister and my parents had to make adjustments for each of us. Were the successful all of the time . . . hell no . . . but I know that they loved us both very much.

    • Lynn
      June 10, 2011

      could you please tell that to Keely please? because she is such a pain in the ass about shit like this…

      • Jenn
        June 10, 2011

        Certainly!! That being said, she will not listen to me because she is convinced of the unjust nature of it all. But hell, life’s not fair!
        Perhaps in another 10 years or so, she will understand . . . or not.

  4. Lady Estrogen
    June 10, 2011

    It’s TOTALLY a combination of him being a male AND having an older sister.
    My parents were super strict (stifling at times) but by the time my brother came around, I couldn’t BELIEVE the shit he got away with. It was truly unbelievable.

    • Lynn
      June 10, 2011

      That’s so funny because my little brother just called and said I never got in trouble and he always did because I was the only girl. Hahaha

  5. Sarah Hague
    June 11, 2011

    I’m the only girl sandwiched between two boys. I was convinced my elder bro was the chouchou of the family (most loved, in French) and my big bro thought my youngest bro was. No one thought I was which makes me quite justified in thinking I was wronged and had a cruel and heartless childhood.

    My bro got bought a car, me not, and he got bought a bike, me not. Proof! As for staying out late, I was a girl so wasn’t allowed out (I’m wiping a tear from my eye as I type…). Naturally it was having to survive this blatant unfairness that made me the warped and twisted individual I am today. :)
    Sarah Hague recently posted..Of Mice and MeMy Profile

    • Lynn
      June 11, 2011

      hahaha… it’s all about perception isn’t it? my little brother was the “prince” of the house and yet, he got in trouble all the time. I got in trouble too but my brothers NEVER thought so because i was a “daddy’s girl”. I wonder if anybody ever thinks they’re the favorite.

      you seem quite perfect to me

  6. Name *
    June 12, 2011

    Ok, I hate kids. I can say that I have four. But really, do we need this aggravation at our ages, who do we love more? I personally love your reply that you’ve tried to convince them that you don’t love any of them. I’m going to try that next time.

    • Lynn
      June 12, 2011

      Hahaha…yeah…when do they get over all that crap? The fact is I love them all but I don’t always like them the same amount. Thanks for the comment

  7. Name *
    June 12, 2011

    I just secretly tell each of my 3 that they are my favourite child. It keeps a certain level of calm in the house.

    • Lynn
      June 12, 2011

      I suppose that works well unless they actually speak to each other. My kids always use stuff like that as ammunition while arguing.

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