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In which my baby is graduating


Guys, I think I’m going insane. You see, because of ALL this art stuff I had to open a new checking account. Then I had to get a new Credit Card for my new checking account because it was an Art Account right?


So I did that and then I rarely use that credit card because a) I don’t have it in my wallet and b) I don’t have it memorized and trust me, the memorized credit card is ALWAYS the first choice.


So basically I never use it and I forgot about it.


This business shit is hard y’all.


So today I decided to do something I haven’t done in FOREVER. That’s right, you guessed it, I paid my bills. Or I attempted to pay my bills.


Anyways, when I was on my online banking I realized there was a credit card that hadn’t been paid.


“WTF is that?” I thought. As it turns out it was my new credit card that I used ONE TIME. I remembered that I had tried to set up an autopay and I couldn’t do it because at the time it could only be paid out of my business account and not my personal account, which makes sense, but it couldn’t be done at the time.


Fine, I’ll log into that account. Wait a minute. How do I log into my business account? When I set it up I hooked it all together so that I could see everything from my personal account but as it turned out, I couldn’t actually DO anything business like from that account.


Long story short, I had to set up another login. Do I remember that login? NO, I do NOT remember that login.


Fortunately, my computer remembered my login or eventually it did after I tried a bunch of different shit.


Then I got into that account ONLY to forget how much I owed. I kind of remember but not really.


It didn’t work beaus I hadn’t set up e-bills.


I set up ebills.


I paid off what I think I owe but I’m not sure.


This business shit sucks.


Also I’m not really having much business.


WHY????? I don’t know but I’m attempting to figure all this out.


Meanwhile I have graduation this weekend. NO, I’m not graduating is but Daniel; my baby is graduating from college.


Don’t tell him but I consider graduation a colossal pain in the ass.


Hotel reservations.


Dinner reservations.


Party reservations.


Wearing real people clothes.


Shit like that. I never even doubted he’d graduate.


Anyways, I’m also having art drama with a buyer but I will tell you about that another time.


Although I’m basically a slacker now right??

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  1. Ro
    May 11, 2016

    I use a free program called LastPass to manage all my passwords and user names. I have been using it for about 5 years now. It works great. I hated going to graduations for my girls. So boring and hot (too many people crammed into the hall).

    • Lynn
      May 18, 2016

      I use 1 Password

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