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In which my blog broke


Did I tell you guys that my blog broke the other day? I don’t think I did because I couldn’t post it because MY BLOG BROKE.


Yeah, this past weekend I got a little message/reminder from WordPress saying that WordPress 3.9 was ready to rumble (not an exact quote) and that I should backup my database and then upgrade to the new version.


Now, back in the day I used to have WordPress 2 point something or other (maybe even one …I don’t even know!) so I’ve obviously done this a billion times. So I did what they asked, I backed up my database.


Then I pressed the upgrade button and something went amiss. First it said that I had some sort of corruption (me, as if!!) in my database and then it told me that I no longer was able to access the blog.


So I did what anybody would do, I wrote an email to the person who has the blog on their server and asked them to fix it.


However, it was Easter Weekend and nobody could fix it because apparently they had guests AND the Easter Bunny visiting.


I was pleasantly surprised when the blog posted on Monday as I had already updated the blog before hand.


So, from now on if I don’t post one of three things has occurred:


  1. I totally forgot to write a post

  2. I didn’t feel like writing a post

  3. My blog broke


So there ya go! That’s what happened to me. Fortunately, they fixed it on Monday and then told me that I had too many pictures that were too big and that I needed some sort of fancy backup (which I don’t have) and all sorts of other confusing stuff so I suppose I shall look into all that.


See what I do for you guys???? Yeah, you’re welcome …

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One Comment

  1. fran germain
    April 25, 2014

    in which i appreciate you!

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