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In which my fish talk to me


The other day I was having a conversation with Andie on the phone and we were discussing some stupid thing (that’s what we do) when I happened to bring up Gilgamesh and Hercules (the fish people, the FISH):


Me:                  so I was having a conversation with Gil and Herc the other day and they said …


Andie:             mom, you don’t have conversations with the fish


Me:                  I do, all the time


Andie:             no mom, you’re always putting words in their mouth


Me:                  I do not


Andie:             yes you do, they don’t actually speak


Me:                  well they obviously don’t speak to YOU but they speak to me


Andie:             mom, fish can’t talk


Me:                  well of COURSE with an attitude like that they won’t speak to you


Andie:             they don’t speak to you either.  You make it up


Me:                  this is just another indication that they’re happier with me then they were in your apartment


Andie:             they’re only with you because I had to go on spring break


Me:                  they actually enjoy my blog quite a bit


Andie:             they hate being in your blog


Me:                  actually Andie, if you would listen to them you’d see that they’re always quite happy to star in my blog.  You are just a hater with the whole “blog thing”


Andie:             because your blog is awful


Me:                  they’re not so snotty about the whole grammar “thing” like you are


Andie:             whatever mom


And now what will happen is that IF Andie sees this post she will accuse me of “using her fish” and also of “completely writing this conversation wrong” which I do because why should I always do what she wants right?


Have a great day!

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  1. Julie
    April 5, 2013

    I hate trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Do the fish offer help with menu planning? Can you talk with them and get back to me? Thanks.

    • Lynn
      April 5, 2013

      fish usually just like flakes so try that!

  2. Jester Queen
    April 5, 2013

    Well CLEARLY they talk to her, or how else would she know they hate appearing in the blog?

    Also, what was it that you started to tell her they said?

    • Lynn
      April 5, 2013

      hahaha…that’s a good point. Who knows what they were going to say…that got lost in the convo

  3. Punky Coletta
    April 7, 2013

    Wait, if they don’t talk to her, how does she know that they hate being on the blog! I think she is having secret conversations with the fish and not telling you!
    Punky Coletta recently posted..“Get them off of me! They are everywhere!”My Profile

  4. Punky Coletta
    April 7, 2013

    Haha! I just noticed I had the exact same comment as Jester, so it must be true then!
    Punky Coletta recently posted..“Get them off of me! They are everywhere!”My Profile

  5. Leslie D. Lanagan
    April 7, 2013

    I talk to my fish, too… unfortunately, I am fishless at the moment… through no fault of my own, I assure you (no I don’t).

  6. Todd
    April 8, 2013

    Well, i once peeled about 80 shrimp in front of our Sea Monkeys, God rest their little Sea Monkey souls.
    Todd recently posted..In honor of tonight’s ACM Awards:My Profile

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