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In which my house is failing

Close up of glass broken in many pieces

Can I just tell you about my day??? Of course I can because (let’s all say in unison here) this is MY blog.




Two weeks ago my AC unit froze up

They came and looked at it

Pronounced it fine

It froze again

They came back

Again they couldn’t find a problem

It froze up

They came last week when I was at Mom 2.0 Summit

They said it was fixed

Last night it froze up

I called

They said, “we can’t find a problem”

I said, “there clearly is a problem”


Two years ago my shower mixer broke

We replaced it

By ripping out the entire shower

Now it broke again

Plus all my cold water is scalding

So brushing your teeth with hot water is … HOT

So is the shower

I have to rip out the shower

… again

today the plumber came and removed the fixtures

today the tile guys came and ripped out the tile

tomorrow the plumber is coming and HOPEFULLY fixing the plumbing

Wednesday the tile guys are coming and hopefully replacing the plumbing

Thursday the plumber is coming and replacing the fixtures

Saturday we can use the shower again


Meanwhile the AC guys finally called back and said they don’t know what to do

So …

I haven’t worked out

I’ve hung out with plumbers

… and tiling guys

… and maybe AC guys

… and also a garage guy

Oh? Did I mention that?

No, guess not … thinking about garage organization

In other words, I’ve accomplished nothing


I don’t remember my parents house always falling apart

See ya

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  1. Name *
    May 6, 2014

    I hope you have another shower to use! LOBO

  2. I feel for you! We were about to put our house on the market, had just finished repainting and repairing walls inside, when we saw a leak. And it wasn’t just a minor leak- it was a leak that required our front yard be dug up, holes cut in walls, concrete slab jackhammered away, hardwood floors being torn up….and did I mention we were putting out house on the market and were on a tight timeline? Talk about stress!
    Hope it gets better!

    • Lynn
      May 7, 2014

      That’s terrible and much worse. Good luck

  3. Julie
    May 6, 2014

    Think of it as an opportunity to redo the bathroom ~ get some new tile and change things up.
    I’ve got to ask – – wtf is a shower mixer? Sounds like something The Barefoot Contessa would have. ;)

    • Lynn
      May 7, 2014

      I’m not changing the bathroom though. I love my bathroom. A mixer mixes the hot and cold water to whatever temp you want or it’s supposed to

  4. RMelton
    May 6, 2014

    I had an AC unit that froze up and it was because the condensation drain pipe was blocked up causing the unit to freeze up. Hope that helps. What is a shower mixer anyway?

    • Lynn
      May 7, 2014

      It’s mixes the hot and cold to make warm…hopefully

  5. Michele
    May 7, 2014

    I live in a 100 year old house… everything breaks … daily… and now my roof is leaking… in a new spot. (I put a new roof on 3 years ago) it never ends. when you own something it is your personal money pit.

    • Lynn
      May 7, 2014

      Uggghhh. I’m sure it’s gorgeous but what a pain

  6. Millie Noe
    May 8, 2014

    You accomplished a funny post: ) Were any of the tile guys, AC guys, or plumber guys cute? Any plumber butt action. Bluck.

    • Lynn
      May 9, 2014

      So NOT cute it’s sad. Been writing a saga of a post on them

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