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In which my teeth hurt


Hey guys, how are ya doing? Not that you care but I’m doing much, much better today.  You see yesterday, I had to have gum surgery.  Have you ever had gum surgery? It totally sucks.  This is the third time I’ve had to have it.


The first time was when I was 21 and I remember it hurt like a son of a bitch but it was a really long time ago.  I had to have that one redone about 5 years ago and I don’t remember it being that bad but yesterday, on my third gum surgery, it totally sucked.


What they do is take a graft from the roof of your mouth and move that stuff over your receded gums (if you have receded gums which I do).  It doesn’t sound like much but yesterday my whole fucking mouth was throbbing and even drinking water hurt. They suggested one Tylenol #3 and I tried that at 2:00 PM and it simply did NOT do the trick.


I was being a whiney bitch but it was kind of hard because NOBODY was at home but my cat and dog (and fish) and they just thought it was a great day because we were all piled up on the bed.  Normally they don’t have me to cuddle with during the day so I’m pretty sure they were “pro-mommy-is-in-pain” rather than con.


I couldn’t bitch to Keely, even though it would be over text, because “come on, how do you bitch to somebody who is always in pain” and Andie was in class all day and Daniel had mid-terms so I couldn’t bitch to him.  I kind of bitched to Kevin but then he offered to come home from work and I felt guilty so instead I just popped two of the little Tylenol #3’s at 6:00 and that made a BIG difference.


So I basically spent the day watching CNN (NEWSFLASH: THE WORLD SUCKS) and then we watched Sleepy Hollow because … because I told you Keely was doing a bit of work for the writers of the show so I’m being a supportive parent.  Aren’t you supposed to be watching it too???


Anyways, today I’m doing better although I still cant eat (not that it’s necessarily a bad thing) and I actually went to work out.  Now I’m writing a post, which sort of is a sucky post, but it’s not like anything exciting has happened in the last day or so.


Long story short: don’t brush your teeth too hard or else you get “tooth brush trauma” and you never get better from it and you end up with “recessed gums” and then the dentist bitches at you (although secretly they’re rubbing their hands in glee because this shit costs a bunch of money to get fixed so thank god for Dental Insurance and seriously: why do dentists charge so much???)


In summation: brush your teeth BUT NOT HARD and watch Sleepy Hollow but don’t cuddle with your fish. Hmmm… that wasn’t really a summation now was it?

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  1. Jester Queen
    September 25, 2013

    NOTHING hurts more than mouth pain. I swear it doesn’t. That. Sounds. Like AGONY.

    • Lynn
      September 25, 2013

      ugghhh…its so annoying. I’m just ready for it to stop hurting ya know??

  2. Julie
    September 25, 2013

    I am the goddess of oral surgery. And I agree with Jester Queen ~ nothing is worse than mouth pain. The throbbing in your head is almost indescribable. When the oral surgeon offers me Tylenol #3 or 600 mg motrin, I laugh. Thank the Lord for my stash of vicodin as that is the only thing that works at this point (I’m in the process of getting 9 implants – – I have the worst teeth in history.)

    • Lynn
      September 25, 2013

      OMG…that sounds horrible. I’m pretty lucky in that i just have to have these grafts. Only one root canal too

  3. Sherry
    September 26, 2013

    Ugh! Gum surgery is HORRIBLE! Get a Sonicare toothbrush – it gets your teeth super clean and doesn’t brush your gums away.

    • Lynn
      September 27, 2013

      Sonicare huh? if i survive I’ll look into it

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