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In which paint colors are hard y’all

paint chips

You know something that I’m not good at? Picking colors. I have a really hard time picking out paint colors and swatch colors and different shades of white. When we built this house I didn’t really need a decorator for much of anything but when I got to paint colors I gave in and got someone to help.


Now, of course, I’m down to colors again. You see I have a painted brick house. It’s sort of a creamy Ecru like color and I never realized how yellow it was before. Then we picked this travertine for the porch and it’s sort of a white-based stone. As a result the brick looked really, really yellow.


I texted Kevin and informed him that we would need to repaint the entire house but of course I was kidding.


We did redo the steps though and we do need to repaint some of the brick. Looking at the hot tub I can see the brick is a bit of a different color. We had that redone in 2011 and I thought it was supposed to be the same color but its not.


However, I do like the hot tub color with the travertine but what exactly is that color? If it was supposed to be the same as the other brick color, and clearly it’s not, how am I supposed to know what color to use?


Turns out that we had some of the “new” brick color in the basement so I had the painters try out a spot of brick and thankfully that color is fine. That’s good because I was looking at “linen” and “creamy” and “duck” and all sorts of white and you have the little one square inch thing on the paint pack but it’s a bit difficult to tell.


I thought I was going to have to pick out a bunch of them and have test patches but thankfully that can was in the basement. I told Kevin “let’s just go with that” and unless I totally fucked up (in which case I’ll never hear the end of it) I think that’ll be fine.


I had no idea that such a small job as redoing your porch would require so very many decisions. New fans, new railing, new stone, and new colors: I’m dying here.


Beyond all that we’re getting some new furniture and of course, they sent some swatches. They never look the same on the computer and in real life and I’m trying to somewhat match my old furniture with a new couch and it’s more thought about how things look then I usually do.


As someone who walks around on a daily basis looking both “unmatched” and like a slob this is a bit much.   See, in the morning I get up all sleepy like and put on some leggings and then put on a shirt and then put on a Polar Tec and by the time I’ve arrived at the gym I realize I’ve just put on three different shades of blue and none of them match.


I’m hoping NOT to do that with the porch.


At any rate, that’s what’s up so when you see a house with five billion shades of ecru that’ll be mine.

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One Comment

  1. Sandra
    November 15, 2014

    I understand your paint stress, I used to be all confident and cavalier when it came to choosing paint colours (we spell colour differently!). Then I had the whole grey that turned blue on the walls debacle and actually cried in the paint store at the thought of having to spend another 20 hours repainting the room when it should just bloody well have been grey like it was on the swatch. It was two years ago and I haven’t painted any of our rooms since. I did have the outside painted, but I bought about 47 test pots and drank a lot of wine before choosing. I don’t think my kidneys could take any more redecorating.
    I can’t wait to see the porch once it’s all done. How exciting!

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