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In which passwords are annoying


So this Russian password-stealing thing has been such a pain in the ass. Like many others, I basically used a single password across most of my ID’s.  After this last heist I decided to get with the program and use crazy passwords that were generated for me.


This is all good and well except now, of course, there is no way that I ever know my password.  Of course, I have 1Password to store them all but then I had to reload the password into all my devices, which has been a colossal pain in the ass.


Then I realized that I plug in my apple ID all the fucking time and of course now I can’t just type it in because it’s a crazy password and yeah … you get the picture.


What I also discovered was that for some reason iMessage isn’t working and syncing across my devices and that iCloud had my old ID in for some reason and basically I’ve spent the morning (and tons of yesterday) trying to fix this situation.


So I logged out of the old Apple ID on my computer (don’t even ask how that was an existing iCloud ID) and am currently logging into my existing Apple ID and the machine has been thinking for about 20 minutes.


So either it’s just synching with the other devices or it’s frozen and I really don’t know which one it is so I guess I’m just going to let it go.


As a result I haven’t accomplished much of anything lately because I’m just screwing around on the computer.  I completely regret having all these accounts because it’s a colossal pain to change them all.


However, yesterday we got a call from Wal-Mart saying that Kevin had applied for a credit card (as if) and HAHAHA…so we had to deal with all that and I’m sure it had to do with this gigantic theft thing.


I don’t even understand how stupid people (of which there are many) deal with this shit.  I will say that the best thing I did was get Life Lock and I think I’m going to make my kids get it too because with all this theft it’s hard to monitor your credit shit


So this is pretty boring.  In other news:


I have been working on paintings for Andie.

Daniel comes home on Saturday.

Tomorrow will be 4 years of blogging for me.

Tucker isn’t eating his paws anymore

And … in BREAKING NEWS: The sun is out here


See ya

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  1. Sisters From Another Mister
    August 14, 2014

    So after the heist, the expert they had on tv discussing passwords was none other than my brother. So pull up Secret Server. you can download it for an individual for free … they also had a product called Lionlock. It is all password protection.
    Now do it ;)
    Sisters From Another Mister recently posted..Facebook. The Real World.My Profile

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