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In which Saatchi Art is driving me insane





Guys! The business of art is driving me crazy. You see, I enjoy painting and sometimes I actually think I’m pretty good at it. Other times, of course, I’m not so impressed but for the most part I think my paintings are certainly marketable.


At the same time, I’ve been painting so much that I’m swimming in paintings. So as you know I decided that I had to sell them.


Now Greensboro, North Carolina is NOT a hot bed of abstract art so I chose this site “Saatchi Art” to sell my paintings on line. The first time I put my paintings up I put all of the pictures up at one time and I didn’t really get that many view.


I’ve learned over time and through following some artist that I like that what you need to do is slowly release your art over time. This is because Saatchi art has some curated collections. They have newly released art; upcoming artists and they sometimes publish sold pieces all of which helps get eyes on your art.


So this time I released two of my best (in my opinion) new paintings and they didn’t get picked. I wasn’t too thrilled because I thought some of the pieces picked were crap and I know that art is subjective but come one. The next week I put up two more, also some of my best (maybe I really don’t know shit about art) and lo and behold, no dice.


Now I’m beginning to get frustrated because if nobody sees the paintings I’m pretty certain that they’ll never sell. Why even if you go into the search function and hit MacDonald I’m about the millionth one to show up. Good grief, what’s the trick to getting in one of those collections???


Andie told me that she’s getting worried because “didn’t you paint because you enjoyed it and not to sell it?” which is true but I also need to get rid of some of this stuff.


First, obviously it’s expensive but that’s not even the biggest thing. After all I gave some away and the thank you notes meant more to me then the money ever did. But also, I have so many paintings here.


Anyways its true that I don’t want to get hung up in the business of selling pictures because what I really enjoy is the creating process.


What’s even more frustrating is that while I was looking at apartments in Los Angeles for Keely I started noticed ALL SORTS of art of the walls and I think my stuff would sell like hotcakes there because it’s a good price point but it’d cost and arm and a leg to get it all there.


I have no problem paying a broker fee for people to sell the stuff because I just want it gone and a commission isn’t a problem.


Ugh … it’s made me not want to even paint and I’m wondering if I should just make an Etsy site.


Are you tired of me bitching yet???? I’m sorry … it’s just that I enjoy painting but the business of “art” is driving me insane and making me feel despondent about my poor little painting (actually some are big) that nobody wants.


Heh heh


So anyways, that’s what I have to say today because I suppose it could have told you about my thanksgiving but this is occupying my mind.


You know I’m going to have to start commenting about politics too because that is all driving me insane. Guess I’ll lose more readers with that.


Take care



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  1. Ro
    December 2, 2015

    As a fiber artist, I know how you feel about having too many pieces but selling is difficult. As a art gallery worker, it is amazing what people will fall in love with and buy. Even what the gallery owner loves and pushes and I’m like “what?”.

    • Lynn
      December 7, 2015

      Thanks Ri

  2. Julie
    December 2, 2015

    Being married to an artist, I get it. The early years when he had a rep out schlepping his work were lean, and I mean LEAN years. Keep the faith!

    • Lynn
      December 7, 2015

      I just hate the selling part…I would actually hire someone to do it at this point

  3. chacha1
    December 3, 2015

    I think your style would do well on the West Coast. But shipping is – as you know! – a gigantic pain in the ass. Would there be a friend or family member who would be willing to be your western agent? Someone else who might be willing to drive a truckload of paintings across the country?

    If just getting rid of them (without throwing them away) is the primary concern, consigning them might be the simplest way to go. I know of at least three furniture stores out here (not chains) that sell inexpensive original art.

    It might be kind of a fun project for your L.A. child, in her spare time (if she has any), to go with friends to independent furniture stores and find out what their art policies are.

    • Lynn
      December 7, 2015

      I think that might be my 2016 project

  4. Name *
    December 11, 2015

    Oh Sweetie!! I feel your pain! We must create or risk withering away, so what do we do with all these canvases stacked against the wall?! Then, if I have too many sitting around I feel like I shouldn’t make more just to add to the pile. You’ve decided to sell and that’s a big step. Try to write an artist statement and an artist bio. You’ll be taken more seriously. Enter some shows. Getting in shows will help beef up your resume, as well Check out in Greensboro. It looks like they are doing some really forward thinking stuff there. Since abstract is more difficult to get out there (what is it? it don’t look like nothing?) maybe they can help!

    • Lynn
      December 11, 2015

      I shall check them out ASAP and thanks

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