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In which she swept


So as you know, I had a little Father’s Day cookout and it was pretty informal.  I had my brother Brad and his daughter Abby, who is 20.  I also had my brother Bruce and his wife Tessa and his sons Alex (19) and Jonas (16) as well as their daughter Rose who is 3 ½.


Daniel (19) and Andie (22) were there as well as Kevin and myself so it was a great opportunity for the cousins to see each other.  The only ones missing were Keely (23) and Michael (26) as she was in California and Michael had to work.


So the kids were all hanging out and the golf was on and they were really enjoying themselves except for Jonas who had wiped out mountain biking that day and had both arms in slings and was completely doped up.


Rose walked in and was dressed in a ball gown (well, I would describe it as a ball gown but she described it as a “Princess Dress”).  I asked her who she was and she informed me that she was Cinderella.


Now I keep a few buckets of toys around for Rose and we also have a doctors kit that was given to Andie as a graduation present that Rose enjoys playing with.  After looking over the toys Rose informed me “she needed a broom.”


Me:                  why do you need a broom Rose?


Rose:               I need to sweep


Me:                  why do you need to sweep?


Rose:               because I’m Cinderella


At which point I was pretty sure that Andie was going to die laughing and we would need to get the medical kit out and fix her.


I handed Rose the broom from the fireplace kit (figuring it was the shortest broom I had and the least likely to destroy my house) and she proceeded to sweep my living room.


Me:                  perhaps I should get her a mop and duster as well?


Andie:             she’s doing a good job


Me:                  it’s hilarious


Andie:             Keely and I were never like that were we?


Me:                  no of course not, you were Tinkerbell and she doesn’t sweep


And so we enjoyed watching her and eventually rose and I went upstairs to feed Butterscotch (the cat) and I asked her:


Me:                  can you climb the stairs with the broom in your hand?


Rose:               I have it


Me:                  are you ready to feed the cat?


Rose:               a princess is ALWAYS prepared


And then I died.  That must be a quote from some movie but I have no idea which one but she was so earnest that I couldn’t help myself.


I’m not saying I want a 3 year old around but they sure are good on occasion.  Father’s Day turned out to be much more fun that I thought it would be, except for poor Jonas who had destroyed both his elbows and could neither eat nor drink.


And what you really need to know is that “a princess is ALWAYS prepared.”

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  1. Reading about Rose made me recall Beautiful B when she was 3. We had moved in with mum and dad and dad is ex-army so the house was spotless at all times. To keep her entertained he gave her an empty polish can and duster and I would regularly return home from work to find her feverishly polishing the table and tutting if she missed a smudge only she could see. Hours of entertainment right there; who needs TV right? x

    • Lynn
      June 18, 2013

      hahaha…that reminds of something funny too…maybe I’ll write about it today

  2. Jester Queen
    June 18, 2013

    Rose sounds completelyADORABLE (so cute that it needs a single long word to describe it).

    • Lynn
      June 18, 2013

      it was sooooo cute

  3. Julie
    June 18, 2013

    A former neighbor stopped by the other night with her 4 year old daughter so she could visit with our cat Mila. I was HUGELY entertained by the story of the “Pacifier Fairy” who left her a gift for finally turning over her last binkie.

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