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In which she was totally shocked

Hello everyone. I’m on the way to Atlanta from LAX and I thought that I’d continue my LA update! The other day I told you about our perfect “Andie” surprise and needless to say Keely was both shocked and pleased! We had a great dinner and since Keely had to work the next day Kevin, Andie and I went back to our room to sleep.


The next day was October 17th which was Keely’s big day. Kevin had promised to get up and go to a 7:00 AM Soul Cycle spin class with Keely and because I felt guilty and lazy I too agreed to go. We woke up at 6:30 which shouldn’t have been so bad since we had left the east coast but we didn’t go to bed that early so I was still tired.


Basically I almost died in the class. I’ve done Soul Cycle a few times but this instructor was kick ass and really, really hard. Also they never turned on the fans and I was so fucking hot. At one point I heard the instructor (who was not even on the bike but just motivating us the entire time) saying “come on mama, come on!” and I opened my eyes and she was in front of my bike urging me on.


It was all I could do not to yell at her to”back off bitch” but I didn’t. I also didn’t come on. I mean I was seriously tired and was doing the best I could. Also I was trying not to hurt my back because as you know “i have the spine of a 70 year old!” (yeah, I’ll never get over that!)


Finally we made it through the class and then Keely left for work and Kevin and I called Andie to come meet us for breakfast. Here’s how that conversation went:


Me: come meet us down at Cafe Primo for breakfast

Andie: I’m still in bed

Me: then get up

Andie: I’m not dressed

Me: then get dressed

Andie: but I’m tired

Me: then don’t meet us

Andie: but don’t eat without me

Me: then walk down here

Andie: but i’m not up


Andie: everybody calm down


Andie: i’m not even hungry yet

Me: then eat later

Andie: can you guys wait?

Me: no Andie, we just worked out and I’m hungry

Andie: but I’m not dressed


… and then I killed myself.

… and then she showed up

… and then we ate


So that was fun as we had breakfast and congratulated ourselves on how very awesome the surprise was. (No, not breakfast … the night before when Andie was there!) We then headed back to the hotel to chill for a while before going upstairs to the pool. You see, it was crowded and still quite early because the spin class was so very, very early.


The plan on Friday night was to go out to dinner and have Andie and Keely’s best mutual friend show up as a surprise. I mean “best mutual” as in Kathleen, probably Andie’s BEST friend, but also one of Keely’s very best friends. Kathleen, like Andie, is in Med school and Keely knew there was no way she could make the party. That’s why it was going to be so very awesome when she did show up.


Keely also had a number of other out-of-town friends coming but as this point she knew about Lizzy (high school friend from North Carolina who was already in) and Rachel (friend from 2006 when they met during a summer in Nice, France during HIGH SCHOOL! Can you believe that? Four weeks one summer 8 years ago and they’ve been visiting each other ever since???)


Lauren and Katie (also high school friends) were surprising her Friday night also but unfortunately Katie got mono (poor Katie) and Lauren was getting in around midnight. So the big surprise would happen at dinner with another to follow later on.


Remind me to tell you guys about “TWINS” later on. That will be a separate post.


So Kevin, Andie, Lizzy and I hung out at the pool for the day. Then Kevin and the girls went for a hike up to Runyon Canyon. I didn’t go because my SPINE IS MADE OF GLASS but Kevin, of course, went off trail and practically killed Lizzy since she was carrying a bunch of stuff. They had a great hike and I hung out and chilled. Thank god I didn’t go because I definitely would have died as it was a 2 mile hike there and back JUST to get to the hike. And also, I hate to walk.


Wow! This is getting so very long.


Keely had a fantastic day at work where they decorated and gave her cards and a dragon which is basically all it takes to make her happy. Not a real dragon by the way; a stuffed dragon. Toothless to be exact.



Unfortunately she had a cold but other then that, things were great. We had a 7:15 PM reservation at Fig and Olive which is a restaurant that’s around West Hollywood. The four of us got there at 7:15 and then Keely arrived later around 7:45.


We had already gotten a drink (they were so yummy!!!) and what Keely did NOT know was that Kathleen had landed and was on her way to meet us. Our table was set for six and we had about a billion stories on WHY we had six seats but, of course, Keely never asked. Later she said she had noticed but it didn’t really sink in. (Typical)


So we order drinks and we’re all stalling and Andie excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She arrives back and sits down and somebody taps Keely on the shoulder. She turns around and it’s KATHLEEN. I swear, Keely almost started crying. She stood up and screamed but fortunately, the restaurant was really, really loud so it was no big deal.


What a great dinner! We had so much fun (and so many drinks) and afterwards we went to meet a few friends of Keely’s. Needless to say she was in a great mood and had a most terrific day. But the surprises weren’t’ over yet.


Funny thing is that Keely was dying to go to bed but (oh yeah, Kevin and I were gone by now) nobody would let her. Finally she asked if “someone else was coming” and Lizzy said “yeah Keely, someone else is coming and you have to stay up!”


Then Andie insinuated that it was Daniel and Keely was all pissed off. “I just saw Daniel 4 days ago and if you’re keeping me up for him I’m going to kill you guys.” It was apparently funny BUT it wasn’t Daniel. It was Lauren who has been friends with Keely since preschool. Needless to say, Lauren was tired too as she had flown in from New York.


It was a long day but incredibly fun with many gifts, surprises and laughs. All in all things were a success and we hadn’t even gotten to the party yet. More on that later … and twins! Don’t let me forget TWINS!!

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  1. Julie
    October 22, 2014

    Great pictures!

    • Lynn
      October 29, 2014

      thanks Julie, i didn’t do a stellar job but did ok

  2. Patty
    October 24, 2014

    Those look like AMAZING boots”

    • Lynn
      October 29, 2014

      yeah, they’re over the knee and super cool

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